January 31, 2018/Media

Three More Weeks Without GenX Funding, Class-Size Fix

“The people affected by all this feel a great sense of urgency — and fear. Why doesn’t Phil Berger?” – Fayetteville Observer Editorial Board

“They know they haven’t provided the resources to achieve the classroom-size cuts they’ve ordered. When will they?” – WRAL Editorial Board

RALEIGH – It’s been three weeks since Republican lawmakers met in Raleigh for a closely watched special session, only to leave having done little more than confirm a few appointments.

That’s three more weeks of uncertainty for teachers and administrators impacted by the unfunded class-size mandate and three more weeks of concern as DEQ combats the GenX crisis without additional help from the General Assembly.

WRAL: “Surely [Sen. Bill Rabon] is aware that now, not in late spring, is the time to fully-fund the mandate so schools can properly plan and be ready for the next school year. Anything less is, again, failing the obligation to provide a quality education for North Carolina’s students…”

Fayetteville Observer: “Our regulators don’t have the staff or equipment they need to monitor those pollutants, let alone conduct studies to determine if public health has already been compromised. Only the General Assembly can change that. Now would be the right time to begin.”

And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Last we heard, Republicans can’t agree on a timeline for fixing their class-size mess and Senate leader Phil Berger quickly shut down the possibility of proposed GenX funding.

WRAL: “‘This is really putting a lot of pressure on our local school boards and on our county commissioners,’ [Sen. Mike] Woodard said. ‘They need to plan ahead. They just can’t make these decisions, particularly hiring and space decisions, in June.’”

Fayetteville Observer: “Phil Berger is either breathtakingly ill-informed about the pollution problems threatening residents of the Cape Fear River Basin or he just doesn’t care…”

Instead of tackling these pressing issues, Republican lawmakers are wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money protecting their unconstitutional legislative maps, and rigging our courts with new judicial districts that look strikingly similar to their old racial gerrymanders.

“As usual, Republican lawmakers are too busy plotting how to stay in power to consider what’s best for the people they represent,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “North Carolinians are tired of being repeatedly let down by this General Assembly, and they are headed to the polls in November ready for a change.”