May 18, 2020/Media

Skippy & Pappy: Richard Burr and Thom Tillis are So Close They Gave Each Other Nicknames

Senator Thom Tillis and pandemic profiteer Richard Burr have a close, special relationship – so close they even have nicknames for each other. Senator Burr isn’t just any other Senator to Thom Tillis – he’s “Pappy.” To Burr, it’s “a pleasure to work with my friend Skippy every day.”

Now, with Senator Burr giving up his chairmanship after his stock selling scandal and news breaking over the weekend that his conflicts of interest date back years, and with a non-partisan elections analyst warning that “anything that is adding increased scrutiny for Senate Republicans and his in-state colleague is not welcome news for Tillis when he’s already in a tight race,” we thought we’d remind everyone of the special relationship between Thom Tillis and Richard Burr.

Here’s a walk down memory lane with “Skippy” and “Pappy”:

Wishing each other happy birthdays…

  • Skippy: “Hey Senator Burr – or, as I know you, Pappy – happy birthday. I wish the very best to you. I appreciate your friendship. I thank you for the gift of coming back for six more years to be the senior senator for North Carolina.”

  • Skippy: “Happy Birthday, Pappy! It’s a pleasure to have you as my senior senator in the great state of North Carolina”

  • Pappy: “Happy birthday to my good friend and fellow North Carolina Senator, @SenThomTillis. It’s a pleasure to work with my friend Skippy every day.”

Asking the tough questions…

  • Skippy: Who wore it better?! [note: we guess Pappy won this one!]

Commemorating #NationalSelfieDay…

  • Skippy: “Honored to serve” with Senator Burr

  • Pappy: “You’re looking good Skippy!”

Joking around about Christmas traditions…

  • After Skippy jokingly replied to a post about the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree, saying it was a “little full, lotta sap!,” Pappy joked, “Just like you, Skippy!” [such jokesters those two!]

Just generally being BFF…

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