November 2, 2017/Media

Sen. Lee Silences DPI from Discussing How NC Can Fix Teacher Pay Distributions

Raleigh – Yesterday, Republican Sen. Mike Lee, chairman of the Joint Legislative Task Force on Education Finance Reform, silenced a representative from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) after he tried to offer concrete solutions to fix North Carolina’s teacher pay distributions system.

“A representative from the N.C. Department of Instruction was told to end a presentation early during a committee meeting to avoid getting into ‘process’ questions and concerns.” [NC Insider, 11/2/17]

Lee added that that DPI’s involvement was merely a show, saying that his committee only invited DPI because he didn’t want to “alienate” the department.

According to a new report, the legislature’s teacher pay distribution is skewed to favor those in wealthy districts. The report also called on the General Assembly to change how it sends money to poor districts and how it allocates funds for children with disabilities and students speaking English as a second language.

“Sen. Lee’s attempt to silence the DPI and prevent them from putting forth real solutions to our state’s teacher pay distribution is troubling,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “The General Assembly has underfunded classrooms and teachers in the poorest districts for too long. We need real solutions, not more sham hearings.”