March 13, 2020/Media

One Year Ago Tomorrow, Tillis Flip Flopped on the Emergency Declaration After Conservative Blowback that Still Hasn’t Subsided

The issue that he tried to wave away as a “short term distraction” has come to define Tillis’ reelection campaign

A year ago tomorrow, Senator Tillis voted in favor of the president’s emergency declaration on the southern border after caving to pressure from conservatives in North Carolina and Washington, an embarrassing flip flop that has come to define his reelection campaign, sparked a conservative backlash that still hasn’t healed, and caused North Carolinians to further distrust their junior Senator.

Despite once calling this issue a “short term distraction,” Senator Tillis’ humiliating flip flop has dogged him for the last year. Just last week, Tillis was again booed at a Trump rally – the third time he’s been booed at a GOP rally in a year – and the nonpartisan elections experts at Cook Political declared the race a “Toss Up,” saying that Tillis “struggled to regain his footing among conservatives in the state after starting to cross Trump last year on emergency funding for the border wall before relenting to side with the president.”

In addition to damaging Senator Tillis’ reelection chances, his flip flop damaged North Carolina’s military communities. Tillis voted three times to allow $80 million to be raided from North Carolina military bases, a price tag that could rise as the administration continues to raid money for military construction and military equipment. Tillis has since failed to deliver for North Carolina by not securing funding to backfill the lost funds despite promises to do so.

“Senator Tillis’ humiliating flip flop on the emergency declaration was the perfect example of the true Thom Tillis – a spineless, Washington politician who puts what he thinks is best for himself before what’s actually best for North Carolina,” NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “After watching Tillis cower in the shadow of President Trump for the last year after meekly going along as the administration raided $80 million from our military bases, North Carolinians rightfully don’t trust Senator Tillis to stand up for our state, which is why they’ll elect a new, independent voice this fall.”

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