April 24, 2020/Media

NEW: Tillis Says He’s “Aligned” with McConnell on Plan to Let State and Cities to go Bankrupt

After refusing to say whether he agreed with Mitch McConnell’s plan to force state and local government’s facing budget shortfalls because of coronavirus to go “the bankruptcy route” rather than receive federal aid, Senator Tillis today finally confirmed that he’s “aligned with Leader McConnell on the issue.”

In a tele-town hall, Senator Tillis said, “I don’t believe that I could support any measure that’s effectively a bailout for poorly run state and local governments,” and said that federal support for state and local governments hurt by coronavirus “is not something I’d be prepared to support.” Tilli concluded that he doesn’t think we should “entertain a discussion of trillions more going into jurisdictions that really need to get their financial houses in order.”

Tillis’ comments come as other Republicans have blasted McConnell for his comments, with one calling him “the Marie Antoninette of the Senate.” Cities like Charlotte have already announced massive budget shortfalls that will put economic recovery and essential services — like firefighters, law enforcement, and schools — at risk.

“Local governments across North Carolina are facing hard choices on how to weather the upcoming economic crisis, including cutting essential services or even laying off workers. Rather than offer them a lifeline, Senator Tillis and Mitch McConnell handed them an anchor,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Senator Tillis didn’t raise a single objection when he voted for an unaccountable multibillion dollar corporate slush fund, yet now when local governments are signaling they will need help to survive a crisis, Senator Tillis has ruled it out. Yet again, Senator Tillis shows his real priorities – looking out for big corporate interests not working North Carolinians.”