April 28, 2020/Media

NEW: Tillis “Did Not Disavow” Trump’s Suggestion that People Inject Themselves with Bleach

Buried in a new report about how Senator Tillis is weak and trying to tie himself to Governor Cooper is a shocking new revelation: Senator Tillis refused to “disavow” the President’s suggestion that injecting a disinfectant like bleach into the body could help combat the coronavirus.

From WFAE:

“It’s been easy for Tillis to support the official recommendations from the White House coronavirus task force but challenging when asked about the president’s suggestion last week that people might be cured by injecting disinfectant.

“The Tillis campaign did not disavow that comment but said that people who think they are sick should contact their doctor.”

Medical professionals, Democrats and Republicans, even disinfectant manufacturers themselves all have warned against injecting or ingesting disinfectant. North Carolina Poison Control saw a 50% increase in calls compared to last year as people try to protect against coronavirus.

Yet Senator Thom Tillis cannot directly “disavow” the comments because he’s afraid of crossing the President – even when North Carolinians’ health is on the line.

“Senator Tillis has repeatedly shown he’s too weak to stand up to the President and for North Carolina,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “It started with his humiliating flip flop on the emergency declaration that raided $80 million from North Carolina’s military bases, but now apparently he can’t even stand up to the President on basic medical science. Senator Tillis’ weakness isn’t just threatening his reelection – it’s threatening North Carolinians’ lives.”