January 10, 2018/Media, Press

NCDP, NCDP African-American Caucus Launch Digital Ads Holding Vulnerable Republicans Accountable for their Wrong Priorities

RALEIGH – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party launched targeted digital ads holding vulnerable Republican legislators accountable for their wrong priorities as they return to Raleigh for today’s special session. By focusing on rigging our independent judiciary instead of fixing their unfunded class-size mandate, Republicans are threatening our children’s education and the well-being of our public schools.

The ads drive voters to a petition where North Carolinians can tell their legislators to stop the GOP’s court rigging scheme and encourage them to call their legislators to tell them to put North Carolina’s public schools first. In addition to running in members’ districts, the ads will target the General Assembly and digitally target groups concerned with the repercussions of the judicial attacks and class-size mandate including educators, swing voters, community leaders, and suburban women.

The ads will run in vulnerable Republican Senate districts including:

  • District 7 – Sen. Pate
  • District 13 – Sen. Britt
  • District 17 – Sen. Barringer
  • District 18 – Sen. Alexander
  • District 19 – Sen. Meredith
  • District 27 – Sen. Wade
  • District 39 – Sen. Bishop
  • District 41 – Sen. Tarte
  • District 50 – Sen. Davis

And House districts:

  • District 2 – Rep. Yarborough
  • District 9 – Rep. Murphy
  • District 35 – Rep. Malone
  • District 36 – Rep. Dollar
  • District 45 – Rep. Szoka
  • District 46 – Rep. Jones
  • District 57 – Rep. Blust
  • District 63 – Rep. Ross
  • District 98 – Rep. Bradford
  • District 103 – Rep. Brawley
  • District 104 – Rep. Dulin
  • District 119 – Rep. Clampitt

“It is indefensible that Republican lawmakers continue to put court rigging before the well-being of our public-schools,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “Republicans in Raleigh have shown they’re more interested in rigging our courts instead of supporting our schools, teachers, and students. These are the wrong priorities for North Carolina and it is vital that we hold GOP lawmakers accountable.”

Additionally, the NCDP African-American Caucus is running digital ads in African-American communities across the state explaining the disproportionate impact judicial gerrymandering will have on African-American judges and minority voices. Proposed plans would devastate African-American communities by affecting 40% of experienced judicial officials of color; one plan would put nearly half of all African-American judges in the same district as another judge, forcing them to run against each other.


“The Republican plan to rig our courts targets African-American judges and threatens minority voices,” said Linda Wilkins-Daniels, President of the NCDP’s African-American Caucus. “This Republican scheme is out of the same playbook as Republicans’ unconstitutional racial gerrymanders and would devastate our communities by pitting judges of color against each other. It’s important the African-American community stand up and say ‘enough.’”