March 11, 2020/Media

KEY VOTE: Tillis Votes Against Measure to Help Defrauded Student Borrowers

Tillis breaks with other vulnerable Republican senators on reversing Trump-DeVos rule

This afternoon, Senator Tillis broke with other vulnerable Republican senators and voted against overturning a Trump-DeVos rule that makes it harder for students defrauded by colleges to get help or forgiveness for their student loans.

The Obama administration created the “borrower defense rule” to forgive or cancel federal loans for students defrauded by colleges and regulate the for-profit education sector in the wake of Corinthian College’s shutdown. Yet the Trump administration and anti-public education zealot Betsy DeVos have since gutted those protections, claiming that helping student borrowers defrauded by their university is a handout of “free money.”

“Senator Tillis today stood with Betsy DeVos and predatory universities, voting down a measure that would help students defrauded by their college get back on their feet and get out from under their student loans,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Senator Tillis has long been on the side of Betsy DeVos instead of our public schools and students, relying on the DeVos family to boost his struggling reelection campaign. Today’s vote is yet another example of him choosing special interests over North Carolina students.”

Senator Tillis has long stood with Betsy Devos and against students. Tillis cast a deciding vote to confirm DeVos as Education Secretary, proudly saying, “I’m for her.” The DeVos family in return paid him back, “boosting” his 2020 reelection campaign after already sinking $70,000 in Tillis. As education secretary, DeVos has led a campaign to roll back civil rights protections, refused to crack down on for-profit colleges, and defended a budget cutting funding for the Special Olympics.