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Our Leaders

Auxiliaries and Caucus Presidents

Felita Donnell
President, African American Caucus
Gracie Galloway
President, AAPI Democrats
Jenna Kubiak
President, College Democrats
Chris Hardee
President, Coastal Caucus
Elke Weil-Millan
President, Hispanic American Caucus
Herb Harton
President, Labor Caucus
Ginger Walker
President, LGBTQ+ Democrats
Crystal Cavalier
President, Native American Caucus
Lee Nackman
President, Progressive Caucus
Tina Marshall
President, NC Senior Democrats
Kristi Tally
President, Small Business Caucus
Kevin Lin
President, Teen Democrats
Angela Bridgman
Chair, Transgender Political Caucus
Ryan McGill
Chair, Veteran and Military Family Caucus
Julia Buckner
President, Democratic Women
Taylor Beckett
President, Young Democrats
Rev. Dr. Paul McAllister
Chair, InterFaith Caucus
Brandon Combs
Interim Chair for Rural Caucus
Michael Evola
Chair, Disability Issues Caucus

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