If Gov. John Kasich can do it, why can’t Governor McCrory?

February 25, 2013

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If Gov. John Kasich can do it, why can’t Governor McCrory?

 RALEIGH – Last week in his state of the state address, Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio appealed to his faith when endorsing Medicaid expansion, saying “I can't look at the disabled, I can't look at the poor, I can't look at the mentally ill, I can't look at the addicted and think we ought to ignore them.”  Governor Kasich’s comments stand in stark contrast to Governor McCrory’s quiet support for Senate Bill 4, which would block Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.  North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Randy Voller released the following statement:

 “I applaud Governor Kasich’s appeal to members of his party to support Medicaid Expansion.  It is clear that Gov. Kasich recognizes that this issue is too important to let political posturing stand in the way.  The health and wellbeing of our citizens should be our elected officials’ number one priority, but Governor McCrory doesn’t seem to get that.  While Republican Governors across the country continue to join the call to implement the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid, the Governor  has shown that he is willing to politics ahead of people, and to let the extreme right stand in the way of progress.  Governor, now is the time to put our people first.  Now is the time to stand up for what is right, and to veto Senate Bill 4.”