House Republicans Limit College Affordability Options for NC Students

For Immediate Release

June 14th, 2012


House Republicans Limit College Affordability Options for NC Students

Republicans Strip Options For NC College Students

Raleigh, NC - Today, House Republicans voted to override Governor Perdue's veto of a destructive bill that would severely limit college affordability options for North Carolina students. As a result of this action, community college students in North Carolina will no longer be able to participate in the Federal Student Loan programs that so many of them depend on. The North Carolina Democratic Party issued the following statement condemning this action by House Republicans:

"Community colleges are the key to training and re-training our workforce and our citizens need access to these resources now more than ever," said Walton Robinson, spokesman for the North Carolina Democratic Party. "By stripping away the financial aid options available to community college students, it is clear that Republicans are deliberately attempting to harm middle-class students and stifle our economic recovery—they should be ashamed of themselves."

Governor Perdue’s Statement on the Override of House Bill 7: 

“Today the Republican-led General Assembly secured their place as the most anti-public education legislature in North Carolina history.  After cutting school funding and forcing the layoffs of more than 900 teachers and 2,000 teacher assistants, after punishing teachers for daring to oppose education cuts, after pushing a reform plan based on more requirements and less money and after proposing to raid the funds available for public schools in order to shell out a tax cut to corporations that give money to private schools, now the Republican legislature has closed a path to career training or college for potentially thousands of students.  Public Education is about opening doors for our young people – not slamming them. This is not the way to prepare our young people for a 21st century economy.”