Gov. McCrory: Good Enough for Me But Not You - Startling Hypocrisy from Gov. McCrory on Higher Education

January 29, 2013

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Gov. McCrory: Good Enough for Me But Not You

Startling Hypocrisy from Gov. McCrory on Higher Education.


This morning Gov. McCrory appeared on a nationally syndicated radio show to take aim at the state’s university system and it’s flagship university in particular.

The Governor espoused a “passion” for education policy during his 2012 campaign, citing having had a teaching certificate over 30 years ago and despite having never taught in a school a day in his life. Today, what he really meant by that passion was given full form. After supporting Republican budgets the last several years which dramatically cut education by over $1 billion with cuts to UNC-Chapel Hill alone which totaled more than $100 million, Governor McCrory now suggests he wants to go further.

McCrory’s hypocrisy on the subject was on full display during the Governor’s interview with Bill Bennett (full audio available here), noting that he is the holder of a liberal arts degree himself:

“At the same time, McCrory seemed to contradict himself, saying he supported a liberal arts curriculum. ‘I do believe in liberal arts education,’ the Catawba College graduate said. ‘I got one.’” (News & Observer, 1/29/13)

 This continues Governor McCrory’s attitude of elitist and out-of-touch hypocrisy from the man that has promised economic recovery. Just a few weeks ago when defending pay raises for his cabinet members making up to three times the average income of a North Carolina family, McCrory response was:  

“I'm trying to make it at least where they can afford to live while running multi-billion departments," McCrory said.”

 It is unclear how Governor McCrory’s disparaging of the state’s higher education system to the rest of the nation fits into his economic recovery plan which he said would be his top priority despite having taken no substantive action nearly a month into office.

 “Apparently Governor McCrory’s education policy, just like his economic policy, is that there is one standard of rules for people like him and another for the rest of us,” Said NCDP Spokesman Clay Pittman. “As the states top-elected leader it’s deeply disappointing that he would use airtime on a nationally syndicated show disparaging the public education system that has for so long been the pride of our state. It seems that the Governor’s understanding of education issues expired more than thirty years ago with his unused teaching certificate.” Pittman concluded.