BACK IN TIME: GOP Council of State Candidates Pushing Backwards Agenda for NC



BACK IN TIME: GOP Council of State Candidates Pushing Backwards Agenda for NC

GOP Leaders Want To Turn Back The Clock on North Carolina 

Raleigh, NC – In recent weeks, the Republican candiates for Council of State have shown themselves to be far outside of the mainstream of North Carolina's political and public policy debate. The North Carolina Council of State is a popularly elected body that is entrusted with protecting and improving the various functions of state government, such as pensions, consumer protection, health insurance, public schools, health care and much, much more. 

The Republican candidates for these positions are grossly under-qualified, too extreme, and completely out of touch with the needs and interests of average North Carolinians. Simply put - the GOP candidates for Council of State are a group of extremists who would harm North Carolina inexorably. 

"This is the most ill-qualified, extreme group of candidates North Carolina has ever seen," said Walton Robinson, Communications Director for the North Carolina Democratic Party. "If any one of these individuals happen to get elected to office it is frightening to think of the damage they would do to our state."


Here is the rap sheet for the GOP nominees for Council of State:

  • Dan Forest – GOP Candidate for Lieutenant Governor – Forest, who is the son of GOP congresswoman Sue Myrick, has taken positions so far out of the mainstream that they conflict with the views of his staunchly conservative mother. In their endorsement of his opponent the Charlotte Observer said of Forest,  "His tea party views on the issues would take the state backward. He has said the state budget could be cut in half, the minimum wage should be abolished, hospitals and public schools should require proof of citizenship and that N.C. residents should be wary of Islamic extremists pushing Shariah law on to the state. Those views are too extreme for North Carolina." Enough said. 
  • Steve Royal – GOP candidate for State Treasurer – Royal has said on  that he believes that North Carolina should print its own currency in order to stimulate economic growth. This idea is extreme to say the least and illegal to put it bluntly. Royal has virtually no investment experience and at one point had his CPA license suspended for failing to obtain a state quality review. Royal is clearly not someone that the citizens of North Carolina can trust with their investments.
  • Mike Causey - GOP Candiate for Insurance Commissioner – Causey, a lobbyist who has unsuccessfully fun for office several times, recently said in an interview with the Greensboro News – Record that he wants to "nullify" health care laws that protect consumers. The only problem? The theory of nullification, a political strategy pursued by various states in the early 19th century, disappeared back in 1832 after President Andrew Jackson told South Carolina that it had to pay its tariffs. Besides the fact that the courts decide these issues, the Civil War ensured that states cannot nullify federal laws. Causey clearly does not understand this basic legal premise – he is grossly unqualified for the office of Insurance Commissioner.