From the State Party Chair


Since 1776, Democrats have transformed North Carolina and the United States of America.   Democrats built a better American society based on fairness, openness and equality. 
The democratic society built the mighty American economy.  Based on a common set of values, Democrats launched the New Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society, and we fought for civil rights, equal rights and the environment.

All politics begin at the local level.  By returning to the values of the grassroots, we will make the Democratic Party relevant and vibrant for all of the people from the beaches of the East to the Nantahala Forest.

As State Chair, I will lead the charge to revitalize our communities through equal opportunities for all.  By rebuilding our communities and reinvigorating the vitality of the grassroots we will challenge the cynical cycle of tribalism, prejudice and bigotry – and we will restore the American Dream for all North Carolina. 

Randy Voller


North Carolina Democratic Party