DNC Convention


The Democratic National Convention will take place on September 4th through 6th in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

This page is the North Carolina guide to the convention. Please see the menu at the left side to get details on the delegates, a calendar of events, and much more. 

This convention is going to be the most open and accessible in history. It isn’t about political ritual or simply renominating the president, it’s about Americans coming together. Success depends on involvement at the grassroots, engaging the American spirit and enlisting people who want to put their shoulder to the wheel and change the country for the better. 

Contact information for the North Carolina Delegation:

  • For press/media questions about the North Carolina Delegation, please contact Walton Robinson at wrobinson@ncdp.org
  • For sponsorship opportunities with the North Carolina Delegation please contact Ellen Stankiewicz at ellen@ncdp.org.
  • Delegates who have questions should contact Karen Jasmine at kjasmine@ncdp.org.
To contact the convention directly, please visit the official home page for the Democratic National Convention at www.DemConvention.com.

***Please note that the press credential and hotel disbursement process for the 2012 Democratic National Convention has now closed.***