President Obama Hits Back Against Special Interest Distortions

Recently, the shady, Koch Brothers funded group 'Americans for Prosperity' (AFP) launched a nearly $800,000 ad buy in North Carolina aimed ad distorting President Obama's record on jobs. Predictably, the was chocked full of half-truths and misinformation--standard operating procedure for AFP and it's allies. 
In fact, the non-partisan group Politifact rated Americans for Prosperitys previous attempts to distort President Obama's record "Mostly False. This time is no different. 
The truth is Americans for Prosperity is founded by David and Charles Koch, the leaders of one of the largest oil and gas conglomerates in America. The Koch brothers have spent millions of dollars to oppose President Obama, who is working to grow the economy by investing in clean energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. All the while they protect tax breaks for oil companies that have reaped billions in profits.
President Obama's campaign refuses to take these attacks lying down. That is why they began airing a forceful respnse ad to ensure that the american people know the truth. 
The ad highlights President Obamas historic accomplishments on clean energy and his record of setting the strongest ethical standards to reduce the influence of special interests in Washington. While the President has made significant achievements to ensure a clean-energy future for our country, oil executives have funded an ad campaign attacking that progress.  Fighting against investments in clean energy, these secretive corporate interests are determined to protect tax breaks for oil companies that the President wants to end. See the ad below.