Democratic Milestones Newsletter for July 9, 2012




July 9, 2012





     Those two patriotic Democrats, T. C. and Stella Adams of Durham celebrated their 32nd Wedding Anniversay on July 4th.  Their daughter, Danielle, says "What a day for a wedding. Fireworks for sure!"

     Stella is the founder of the State African-American Caucus and served as First Vice Chair of the State Democratic Party from 2009 to 2011.



     Forsyth Democrats Mary and Phil Dickinson celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversay on May 28th.  The picture on the left shows them at a recent Democratic event in Winston-Salem.  The picture on the right shows them after they graduated from Franklin and Marshall College which was about a year before they got married.   

    Their two married children live in Seattle and Austin.

    Mary is Volunteer Coordinator of the Forsyth County Party, the Advisor to the Forsyth Hispanic-American Democrats, and is active in the Democratic Women.  Phil helps with the Party activities in many ways.  He is active in the Audubon Society and writes a column entitled "Birds Eye View" in the WS Journal.





Dr. Grace Liem & Joe Galloway

    Cabarrus County Chair Dr. Grace Liem married Joe Galloway on May 13th at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

     Joe Galloway wrote the best selling book "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young" which was an account of the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam. It was the first major battle for American troops in Vietnam. It was made into a  movie starring Mel Gibson, Sam Elliott, and Barry Pepper.  Joe also wrote the squel "We Are Soldiers Still."

    Shown with the bridal couple is Senator Max Cleland of Georgia who attended the wedding and is a longtime friend of the groom.  The wedding party then joined a birthday celebration of the groom's friend Dick Strong during which lengendary entertainer Johnny Mathis dedicated a song to Grace and Joe.

    The couple are living in Concord where Grace works as a Family Nurse Practitioner providing free health care for uninsured patients. She is Recording Secretary of the NC Democratic Women.





     Elaine Marshall's mother, Pauline Folk, of Lineboro, Maryland, died on June 14th at the age of 92.  She had been the organist at her Lutheran church for over 60 years. She had two children, one grandchild, and two great-grandchildren.

     She loved coming to North Carolina and kept a separate scrapbook of pictures and mementos of her NC trips.   You may write to Elaine at



    One of Forsyth County's most active voter registration leaders, Vivain Dillard, died on July 1st at age 65.  She is survived by three children.

     She was Volunteer Coordinator for the Forsyth County Democratic Party and was active in the Voting Rights Coalition and Democracy NC.

      A Forsyth Democratic friend wrote: "Vivian was about empowering people with the vote.  She was passionate and unrelenting.  We will miss her and her cheery voice."


Your Democratic Friend,

Melvin Williams


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