NCGOP Tried To Give Gov. McCrory Free Healthcare for Life But Wont Expand Medicaid

December 28, 2016

NCGOP Tried To Give Gov. McCrory Free Healthcare for Life But Wont Expand Medicaid

RALEIGH, N.C.—Instead of expanding Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who need it most, Republicans in the General Assembly tried to give outgoing Governor Pat McCrory free healthcare for life.

Two weeks ago, the News and Observer reports, Republicans drafted legislation that would have kept Governor McCrory on the State Health Plan, making him eligible to receive free health insurance for life.

The rationale? Republicans felt sorry for Governor McCrory becoming the first incumbent Governor to lose their re-election bid in North Carolina’s history. Rep Leo Daughtry told the N&O, “There was a great deal of empathy for McCrory: He gave it all he could.” Rep. Daughtry then added, “People ought to help him as much as we could.”

While Republicans drafted legislation to give Gov. McCrory free healthcare for life, for years they have refused to expand Medicaid coverage for hundreds of thousands low-income individuals.

Expanding Medicaid would give coverage to hundreds of thousands of working North Carolinians and provide a much needed shot in the arm to North Carolina’s economy. It will create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, keep our rural hospitals open, and help private employers keep their costs lower.

“By drafting this legislation to give ousted Governor McCrory free healthcare for life, this is just another sad example of Republicans putting their self-interests ahead of the people of North Carolina. Instead of working to build a better North Carolina for everyone that includes affordable healthcare, Republicans are solely focused on a partisan political agenda and maintaining their power,” said Kimberly Reynolds, NCDP Executive Director.