NCDP Blasts Power Grab from Lame Duck General Assembly

December 14, 2016

NCDP Blasts Power Grab from Lame Duck General Assembly

RALEIGH, N.C.—Today, a lame duck General Assembly called another special session shrouded in secrecy “concerning any matter the General Assembly wishes to consider.” After unanimously passing Hurricane Matthew relief funding, Republicans are wasting taxpayer dollars for what will amount to nothing more than political power grabs.

Typically, the General Assembly calls a special session with an agenda to discuss. But today, neither Speaker Moore nor Senator Berger offered any information about what the General Assembly plans to take up. They called a special session simply because they wanted to, and the people they represent have a right to know their intentions.

As the News & Observer reports:

“Berger said some legislators want to discuss additional legislation, but he didn’t say what that might be. House Speaker Tim Moore also wouldn’t say what topics will be covered.

“There are a number of things that have been talked about,” Berger said. “I am not in a position at this point to list or specifically articulate what they are because no decisions have been made, finally as to what exactly will be brought up.”

Moore said he knows of two bills that Republicans plan to pursue but wouldn’t identify them. He said GOP legislators will set the agenda during a closed-door caucus meeting later on Wednesday.

“We’re looking at two bills at this point, but it depends what other bills folks file,” he said. “I can’t (explain) until it goes through the caucus process. Some of the ideas that we were discussing at the end of the last session are some of the ideas that you may see come up today.””

“The General Assembly is charging taxpayers $42,000 a day for another purposeless special session shrouded in secrecy. For Republicans to call a lame duck special session for political power grabs without disclosing any details is an unprecedented move to undermine the will of the people. We’ve unanimously passed Hurricane Matthew relief funding, and now it’s time for the General Assembly to stop wasting taxpayer dollars and go home,” said NCDP spokesman Jamal Little.