NCGOP And McCrory Campaign Claims Debunked By Their Own Appointees



November 23, 2016

NCGOP And McCrory Campaign Claims Debunked By Their Own Appointees 

Raleigh, NC – While the NCGOP and the McCrory campaign continue to make false and irresponsible claims of fraud, their accusations have been routinely debunked by their own appointees at the Republican-controlled Boards of Elections.

“After two weeks of false and irresponsible attacks, it’s time for the McCrory campaign to accept the hard truth – they have lost this campaign and there is no path to victory. They have maligned innocent voters, questioned the integrity of their own Republican appointees, and spread false rumors. Enough is enough. It’s time to accept the results of the election and let Roy Cooper begin his work to bring the change that North Carolina voters have asked for,” said NCDP spokesman Jamal Little.


A McCrory-Supported Protest In Forsyth County Tried To Disenfranchise A Voter By Falsely Accusing Them Of Being Dead. “The news came as the campaign of Gov. Pat McCrory announced that election protests that have been filed in 52 of the state’s 100 counties contain allegations that include ballots being cast by people who are dead, who are convicted felons or who had already voted. Linda Petrou, the Forsyth GOP vice chairwoman, said in her election protests that votes from two dead voters were received by absentee ballot, and that two felons cast ballots. The Forsyth County Board of Elections made rulings on the dead-voter allegations during its meeting Thursday night, but has scheduled a hearing Tuesday morning to hear the protest over the votes allegedly cast by felons. The elections board found that one of the alleged dead voters wasn’t dead: Instead, the name on one absentee ballot was that of someone living who has a name similar to that of a dead person. Elections officials determined that the dead person had a different middle name and social security number from the person who turned in the absentee ballot.” [Winston-Salem Journal, 11/18/16]

A McCrory-Supported Protest In Wake County Tried To Disenfranchise Two Voters By Falsely Accusing Them Of Being Felons. “The spreadsheet was put together from a commercial database, Roger Knight, representing Republican McCrory, told the board. One of three people alleged to have voted in spite of being convicted felons was determined to have been recently convicted. Two other alleged felons turned out to have been identified as the wrong people.” [News & Observer, 11/18/16]

McCrory-Supported Protests In Mecklenburg County Attempting To Disenfranchise Voters By Accusing Them Of Being Felons Were Rejected Because The Board “Did Not Find Probable Cause.” “The count of provisional ballots in Mecklenburg County that was scheduled to be completed Friday has been recessed until Monday at the earliest. The three members of the Board, two Republicans and one Democrat, began the day trying to resolve some 3,800 provisional ballots. […] Two protests were filed against votes cast in the county. Two involved alleged felons who were allegedly allowed to vote. Mary Potter Summa is the Board Chair and said, ‘We had two separate protests. In both cases, we did not find probable cause that there were irregularities in any of the precinct results.’” [WCNC, 11/18/16]

McCrory-Supported Complainants In Halifax Tried To Disenfranchise A Voter By Accusing Them Of Being A Felon—But Had No Proof. “The three board members agreed that serving as a witness on multiple voters’ absentee ballots is legal. ‘I could see where no election laws had been violated,’ board member Clarence Pender said. ‘There are just statements, but not an ounce of proof or anything that we can go on.’ The board also rejected a second complaint filed by Myrick that said a convicted felon had voted in Scotland Neck. ‘You can’t just say, ‘I think you’re a convicted felon and you don’t have the right to vote,’ you’ve got to have some proof to back that up,’ Partin said.” [News & Observer, 11/18/16]

A McCrory-Supported Complaint Tried To Disenfranchise A Voter By Accusing Them Of Being A Felon, But They Had Only Committed A Misdemeanor. “The New Hanover County Board of Elections rejected a protest filed by New Hanover County Republican Party Second Vice Chairman Densay Sengsoulavong that claimed two voters cast ballots during early voting despite being convicted felons. Elections director Derek Bowens said one of the two was determined to have been convicted of a felony, while the other was convicted of a misdemeanor.” [Wilmington Star-News, 11/22/16]


McCrory’s Protest In Lee County Was Rejected, With The Local Director Of Elections Saying “We Found No Probable Cause.”  “A handful of McCrory’s protests were rejected Friday, including those in Durham, Halifax, Mecklenburg, Orange and Wake counties. Nancy Kimble, the director of the Lee County Board of Election, said McCrory’s protest was also rejected locally during the county canvass meeting Friday. ‘We found no probable cause,’ Kimble said.” [Sanford Herald, 11/19/16]

The Republican-Controlled Durham Board Of Elections Unanimously Rejected A Demand For A Recount From The North Carolina Republican Party’s General Counsel. “The Republican-majority Durham County elections board is dismissing a GOP lawyer’s bid to recount 94,000 votes. The board voted unanimously Friday that the protest lacked evidence. The three board members spent two hours listening to witnesses and decided a software glitch that blocked votes from being uploaded to the statewide tally didn’t have anything to do with accurately logging votes. Tom Stark, attorney for the state Republican Party, asked for the recount as a resident of Durham County, not as the NCGOP’s lawyer.” [WNCN, 11/18/16]

McCrory Protests Were Rejected By The Republican-Controlled Orange County Board Of Elections. “A handful of McCrory’s protests were rejected Friday, including those in Durham, Halifax, Mecklenburg, Orange and Wake counties. Nancy Kimble, the director of the Lee County Board of Election, said McCrory’s protest was also rejected locally during the county canvass meeting Friday.” [Sanford Herald, 11/19/16]

The Republican-Controlled Wake County Board Of Elections Rejected 24 Of 27 Voter Challenges Filed On Behalf Of The McCrory Campaign. “The Wake County Board of Elections on Friday rejected all but three of 27 challenges to ballots filed there. The protests are part of a statewide effort by Gov. Pat McCrory and the N.C. Republican Party to raise questions about the integrity of the Nov. 8 election. The protests turned up one voter recently convicted of a felony and two voters who recently died. Those three votes won’t count. But the three-member board, comprised of two Republicans and one Democrat, said there was not sufficient cause to hold an evidentiary hearing on allegations of duplicate voting.” [News & Observer, 11/18/16]

Mecklenburg’s Board Of Elections Rejected McCrory Protests. “Mecklenburg County joined dozens of others in delaying certification of votes even as they denied protests from the campaign of Gov. Pat McCrory who is trailing Democrat Roy Cooper by over 7,000 votes. ‘We did not find probable cause that there were any irregularities in any of the precinct results,’ Board of Elections Chairwoman Mary Potter Summa said.” [WSOC, 11/18/16]

The Republican-Controlled Halifax County Board Of Elections Unanimously Rejected Voter Protests Filed On Behalf Of The McCrory Campaign. “The Republican-led elections board in Halifax County on Friday threw out two complaints filed with help from Gov. Pat McCrory’s re-election campaign. The Halifax complaints were among dozens filed across the state contesting absentee ballots and the eligibility of voters who the complaints said were dead, convicted felons, or voters who’d cast ballots in other states. […] In Halifax, the board voted unanimously that there was “no probable cause” for the complaints there. Like all county elections boards, the Halifax board has two Republican appointees and one Democrat.” [News & Observer, 11/18/16]

The Republican-Controlled Cumberland Co. Board Of Elections Dismissed McCrory’s Election Protests. “The Cumberland County Board of Elections has disregarded two election protests prepared by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign legal team. At a preliminary hearing Monday morning, the Republican-controlled board voted 2-1 to dismiss the complaints alleging that eight county voters who cast ballots in the Nov. 8 election were ineligible; the complaints argued their votes should be excluded in final county tabulations.” [Fayetteville Observer, 11/21/16]

A McCrory-Supported Complaint In Brunswick County Attempted To Disenfranchise A Voter By Accusing Them Of Having Voted In Two States, But A Simple Phone Call To A Board Of Elections In Maryland Proved It False.“In Brunswick County, Republican Party Chairman Joe Agovino, who filed a protest claiming a registered Brunswick County voter cast a ballot in two states, Maryland and North Carolina, withdrew the protest during Tuesday’s protest hearing. Agovino said he was notified of the potential issue by the state Republican Party, which prompted him to file the protest. ‘The information we had was a gentleman with the same name and the same birth date voted in Maryland and in North Carolina, Agovino said. However, after further research, Agovino said they discovered no evidence the voter had cast a ballot in Maryland, causing him to withdraw the protest. Sara Knotts, Brunswick’s elections director, said she reached out to the local board of elections in Maryland to determine if the voter, who was registered there, had cast a ballot. She said the county reported that the voter had not cast a ballot.” [Wilmington Star-News, 11/22/16]

Three McCrory-Supported Complaints In Moore County Alleging Voters Had Voted In Maryland And North Carolina Were Dismissed After The Moore County Board Made A Simple Phone Call To A Maryland Board Of Elections And Proved It Untrue. “The elections board dismissed the complaints involving the other three voters — Anne and William Hughes and Carol Turner, who all live in Pinehurst. They were alleged to have voted by absentee ballot in Maryland. Clendenin reported to the board she spoke with William Hughes by phone to make them aware of the complaint and he told her that neither of them had voted in Maryland where they lived before moving here. She said she contacted the elections office in Carroll County to verify the Hugheses had not voted there. After leaving a notice of the preliminary hearing at Turner’s home Friday, Clendenin — who had included her home telephone number — said Turner called her back Saturday and told her she had not voted in Maryland. ‘She had had a conversation with the county she had lived in in Maryland and told them she didn’t want an absentee ballot and that she had registered in Moore County,’ Clendenin said.” [Southern Pines Pilot, 11/22/16]


Winston-Salem Journal Headline: “Felon Voter Protest Fails On No-Show” [Winston-Salem Journal, 11/22/16]

Winston-Salem Journal: A McCrory-Supported Complaint Alleging Felons Had Voted In Forsyth County Was Unanimously Dismissed “When The Person Filing The Protest […] Failed To Appear.”  “An election protest alleging that two felons were allowed to cast ballots in Forsyth County was rejected Tuesday morning when the person filing the protest and the two affected voters failed to appear at a hearing in front of the Forsyth County Board of Elections. After waiting for more than 10 minutes past the start of the 9 a.m. hearing, the three-member elections board unanimously agreed that without anyone presenting evidence there was no way to sustain a challenge to the votes by the two alleged felons. The protest was dismissed and the ballots cast by the two voters were to be counted.” [Winston-Salem Journal, 11/22/16]

  • The Complainant—The Forsyth GOP Vice Chair—Said A GOP Lawyer Had Told Her She Didn’t Need To Show Up To The Meeting, Saying “Something Fell Through The Cracks.” “Linda Petrou, the vice chairwoman of the Forsyth County Republican Party, who filed the protest last week, said that a GOP attorney giving her advice had told her it was not necessary for her to show up for the hearing. ‘My understanding was that they had all the information they needed,’ Petrou said. ‘Something fell through the cracks.’” [Winston-Salem Journal, 11/22/16]

The McCrory-Backed Complainant In Cumberland County Was Left Out To Dry When The McCrory Campaign Lawyer He Expected To Help Him File The Complaint Never Showed Up. “The two Cumberland County election protests were signed by Jerry Reinoehl, a registered Republican and Fayetteville resident. He told the board he thought a McCrory lawyer would join him Monday, but he was alone as he sat across from the three board members to answer questions.” [Fayetteville Observer, 11/21/16]

The Local Republican Who’d Filed The Protest For The McCrory Campaign Was An Hour Late To The Meeting Of The Board Of Elections, Telling A Reporter “I Drove Out Here For Nothing.” “The Halifax complaints were filed by Romeo Johnson Myrick of Littleton, a vice-chairman of the local Republican Party, and listed McCrory campaign staffer Jeff Hauser as the witness who found the potential problems. […] Myrick arrived to Friday’s meeting after his complaints had been dismissed — he said he’d been told the meeting would begin at 11 a.m., and the issue was discussed at 10. A News & Observer reporter who called the elections office Thursday was told the 10 a.m. start time. ‘I drove out here for nothing,’ he told a reporter. ‘I just believe one person should have one vote.’” [News & Observer, 11/18/16]

In Moore County, McCrory’s Lawyers Were Supposed To Provide The Board Of Elections With Additional Information On A Complaint But Failed To Do So. “Rowerdink told the board at the outset of the hearing that he did not receive any additional evidence from McCrory’s legal team beyond what was included in the complaint, which was emailed to the elections board last week by Virginia attorney Steve Roberts. It had asked that the ballots be invalidated. He said the attorneys were supposed to provide the board with additional information, but Clendenin informed him that nothing had been submitted prior to the hearing. He acknowledged that he was contacted by McCrory’s legal team, which had prepared the complaint, and asked him to sign it. ‘After reviewing and seeing the allegations, I felt I could sign it,’ he said.” [Southern Pines Pilot, 11/22/16]


Republicans Announced They Were Filing Protests In Nash And Edgecombe Counties Before Even Coming To Look At Any Evidence. “The N.C. GOP announced late Wednesday it was filing complaints with Nash and Edgecombe counties claiming voter fraud. Republican Party representatives first began to inspect records at the Nash Board of Elections on Thursday morning, as confirmed by Nash County Elections Director John Kearney. ‘There’s been no protests or complaints filed here,’ Kearney said Thursday afternoon. ‘Today’s the first time anyone has been here to look.’ No one had been to Edgecombe County Board of Elections to complain either, Edgecombe Elections Director Jerry Spruell said.” [Rocky Mount Telegram, 11/18/16]

The McCrory-Supported Complainant In Moore County Admitted He Had Been Provided The Protest By The McCrory Campaign And Hadn’t Even Seen The Evidence. “Rowerdink, who attended the meeting Friday morning but did not speak, said later when reached by telephone that he was contacted by an attorney for McCrory’s campaign about filing the complaint, since the complainant must be a voter in the county. He said he has not been provided with the evidence, which he expects to have by Tuesday morning. ‘I saw no reason not to sign it based on what they told me,’ he said of the complaint. ‘I have no reason to believe they don’t have good evidence.’” [Southern Pines Pilot, 11/19/16]

The McCrory Campaign Said It Had Filed A Protest In Pitt County…But The Pitt County Board Of Elections Has Yet To Receive It. “Protests are being filed in Alamance, Alexander, Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Buncombe, Burke, Cabarrus, Camden, Carteret, Cherokee, Cleveland, Craven, Cumberland, Davidson, Durham, Edgecombe, Forsyth, Gaston, Gates, Granville, Greene, Guilford, Halifax, Harnett, Haywood, Hoke, Iredell, Jackson, Johnston, Lee, Madison, Martin, Meckenburg, Moore, Nash, New Hanover, Orange, Person, Pitt, Richmond, Robeson, Rockingham, Stanly, Stokes, Vance, Wake, Warren, Wayne. […] McCrory’s campaign said it had filed election complaints in 50 of the state’s 100 counties. Today, several of those counties tossed out the complaints, while Pitt County said it never received any such complaint.” [Associated Press11/17/16; WITN, 11/18/16]

McCrory-Supported Complaint In Harnett County Wasn’t Filed Until After The Official Canvass, And The Elections Director Said She Did Not Observe Anything To Cause Concern. “Harnett County Elections Director Claire Jones told The Daily Record Friday morning she had received one notification of a protest after the official canvass Friday. Mrs. Jones said she did not observe anything to cause concern over ballots cast locally.” [The Daily Record, 11/21/16]