ICYMI: Calls for Governor McCrory to Concede Grow Stronger



November 22, 2016
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ICYMI: Calls for Governor McCrory to Concede Grow Stronger

RALEIGH, N.C.—As Governor-Elect Roy Cooper’s margin of victory against Governor McCrory grows to 8,569 and the Governor’s efforts to undermine the electoral results are failing, calls for Governor McCrory to concede grew stronger.

Legislators across the state have called for Governor McCrory to respect the will of the voters and concede the race.

WRAL: Dems press for McCrory to concede: “It’s disrespectful to all North Carolina voters for Gov. McCrory to continue to not just refuse to accept this election but to actively protest it,” Democratic 4th District Congressman David Price said. “You can’t just respect the electoral process when it favors your side.”

Democratic 1st District Congressman G.K. Butterfield noted that most of the counties where Republicans have filed challenges have large populations of black voters. He called such efforts “baseless” and “a fishing expedition.”

Charlotte Observer: Democrats call on Gov. Pat McCrory to concede: In a coordinated public appeal, Rep. Tricia Cotham Monday joined Democratic lawmakers across the state in calling on Gov. Pat McCrory to concede the gubernatorial election.

“I understand it’s hard to lose,” she said outside the Mecklenburg County board of elections. “McCrory needs to be a statesman and do what the voters wanted and concede this race.”

WWAY Wilmington: Rep. Susi Hamilton Asks Governor McCrory to Concede Race: Right now, Cooper leads McCrory by thousands of votes. Representative Susi Hamilton held a press conference Monday afternoon calling for Governor McCrory to back down.

Hamilton says the last week has been very disappointing and it is time for Governor McCrory to give up as Cooper continues to rise in numbers.

“We again are calling on Governor McCrory to do the right thing and to maintain the dignity of the office. And be the person Governor McCrory really is and can be,” Hamilton said.

News and Record: Democrats call for McCrory to concede while boards of elections tackle protests: “It’s time for Pat McCrory to concede this election,” state Rep. Chris Sgro (D-Guilford) said. “I stood on the opposite side of a lot of issues from (McCrory), and I hope for the sake of his legacy that he sees that math is math.”

MSNBC: NC Governor Not Conceding: The Governor of North Carolina has not conceded the race even though he has lost by more than 6,000 votes. Chris Hayes talks to Rep. David Price, who has called for him to concede.