How Much Will A Statewide Recount Cost? At Least $1.5 Million


November 22, 2016

How Much Will A Statewide Recount Cost? At Least $1.5 Million

RALEIGH, N.C.—In the latest move to undermine the results of an election he lost, Governor McCrory desperately requested a statewide recount of votes to the tune of at least $1.5 million.
According to the Associated Press, in 2012 a statewide recount would “cost North Carolina’s 100 counties at least $1.5 million dollars.”

The Governor’s request comes as Republican-controlled County Boards of Elections continue to reject McCrory campaign’s frivolous protests and after many leaders across the state have called on the Governor to concede.

Governor-Elect Roy Cooper now leads Governor McCrory by 8,569 votes.

“Governor McCrory is desperately charging taxpayers $1.5 million to cast doubt on this election and to undermine the results of our electoral system. Governor-Elect Roy Cooper won this race fair and square, and Governor McCrory should respect the will of the people. Governor McCrory has lost this race for Governor, and it’s time for him to concede,” said Jamal Little, NCDPspokesman.