Congresswoman G.K. Butterfield And Eastern Carolina Leaders Denounce Senator Burr For Putting Politics Before North Carolinians By Obstructing Judicial Nominees

Monday, November 7, 2016
CONTACT: Matt Kravitz,
Congresswoman G.K. Butterfield And Eastern Carolina Leaders Denounce Senator Burr For Putting Politics Before North Carolinians By Obstructing Judicial Nominees
In Greenville, leaders condemn his boasts captured in a recording released by CNN about intentionally perpetuating a judicial emergency in North Carolina’s Eastern District
PolitiFact on Senator Burr’s obstruction of Eastern District Court nominees: “Burr is right that he’s responsible for keeping the seat empty.” 
GREENVILLE – Congressman G.K. Butterfield joined former Congresswoman Eva Clayton, State Senator Don Davis, State Senator Angela Bryant, and State Representative Jean Farmer-Butterfield for a press conference to denounce Senator Burr for his hypocritical and hyper-partisan judicial obstruction (video of press conference linked here). In closed-door comments reported by CNN earlier this week, Burr expressed Trump-like braggadocio in discussing his unprecedented obstruction of the Eastern District Court vacancy and promised more gridlock for future Supreme Court nominees unless Donald Trump is elected President.
“It is clear that Senator Richard Burr only supports the appointment of judicial nominees when a Republican is in the White House. For years, Senator Burr has blocked consideration of two female African-American judges – whose qualifications even he does not dispute – simply because a Democrat was president,” said Congressman G.K. Butterfield. “Someone who refuses to do his job should be fired, and in his place, we should hire Deborah Ross as our next Senator. Deborah has a strong record of bipartisan cooperation. She also knows we need a fully functioning judicial system for a just society. Deborah strongly supports voting rights, access to health care, and education for all North Carolinians. She has earned our vote.”
“North Carolina voters should know that Senator Burr will put partisanship and his own needs over the needs of our state every day of the week,” said State Senator Don Davis. “From voting against a ban on insider trading by Members of Congress to writing a Medicare plan that would seniors but help his insurance company campaign donors to his obstruction of judicial nominees, Senator Burr puts politics first. We need a Senator who will put people first – and that is Deborah Ross.”
“Senator Burr has bragged about perpetuating a judicial emergency in Eastern North Carolina,” said State Senator Angela Bryant. “It is clear Deborah Ross is the only Senate candidate who will do her job and represent all North Carolinians, regardless of party. We need to get out and vote tomorrow to send her to the Senate.”
“Senator Burr has essentially said unless his party’s nominee, in this case Donald Trump, wins the presidency, he’s going to take his ball and go home. That kind of hyper-partisanship simply isn’t North Carolina,” said former Congresswoman Eva Clayton. “Deborah Ross has experience working across the aisle and she will be a Senator for all North Carolinians. I am urging all North Carolinians to vote for Deborah tomorrow.”
“In this race, we have a clear choice. Senator Burr is committed to political gridlock and serving only a select few. Deborah Ross is committed to bipartisanship and serving all North Carolinians. Deborah has personal, professional, and political integrity. I wholeheartedly endorse Deborah and urge everyone to vote for her this Election Day,” said State Representative Jean Farmer-Butterfield.
Senator Burr has blocked two judicial nominees for a vacancy in the Eastern District of North Carolina, which is classified as a judicial emergency and at over ten years is the longest running district court vacancy in American history. Senator Burr also vowed to prevent Hillary Clinton, if she became President, from appointing a nominee during remarks in which he also made comments about gun owners putting a ‘bullseye’ on Secretary Clinton, sparking outrage across North Carolina.
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