Veterans to Senator Burr: Why Did You Miss Nearly 70 Percent of Your Armed Services Hearings?



Monday, October 31, 2016

CONTACT: Matt Kravitz


Veterans to Senator Burr: Why Did You Miss Nearly 70 Percent of Your Armed Services Hearings?

Press conference follows Raleigh N&OHuffington Post reports that Senator Burr skipped critical Committee hearings but made time for high-dollar fundraisers


Veterans call on Senator Burr to release schedule to explain his dereliction of duty


CHARLOTTE – North Carolina veterans today called on Senator Burr to explain why he missed nearly 70 percent of his Senate Armed Services hearings. Senator Burr has thus far refused to release his schedule for those days but multiple news outlets have reported he held high-dollar fundraisers on days when he missed hearings on topics critically important for North Carolina, including on military suicides and the Joint Strike Fighter.


“As a Marine Captain, I know that ‘not showing up’ to serve my country simply isn’t an option—and I expect the same from the people who represent my state in the United States Senate,” said Marine Corps veteran Ryan McGill. “It’s bad enough that Senator Burr wasn’t showing up to his job like people in North Carolina have to every day—but what makes it worse is how important the Senate Armed Services Committee is to North Carolina.”


If I didn’t show up 70% of the time as a soldier, in my present job, or as a mother, the consequences would be dire. Senator Burr owes the people of North Carolina an explanation for his negligence,” said Army veteran Janice Dove.


Earlier this month, an analysis of public records and ongoing media coverage revealed that Senator Burr missed nearly 70 percent his Armed Services Committee hearings. He skipped critical hearings on military suicide, emerging threats and Iran, and only ever spoke at an abysmal 6 hearings – meaning he did not participate in almost 93 percent of his Armed Services hearings. However, Senator Burr did find time to hold high-dollar fundraisers many of the same days he missed critical hearings, and also to go on nearly 30 special interest-funded trips across the country and around the world during his 20-plus years in Washington.





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