NEW TWITTER POLL: Voters Choose Senator Burr’s Worst Moment At #NCSen Debate



Saturday, October 15, 2016

CONTACT: Matt Kravitz


NEW TWITTER POLL: Voters Choose Senator Burr’s Worst Moment At #NCSen Debate


Tough to choose between Senator Burr’s lie about his seven votes to raise his own pay, his defense of voting against a ban on insider trading by Members of Congress, his statement that HB2 didn’t hurt the NC economy, and his defense of Trump


Poll results to be announced on Monday


RALEIGH, NC – At this week’s US Senate debate, Senator Burr struggled with questions about his 20-plus years putting himself and the special interests first in Washington. A new North Carolina Democratic Party poll will allow North Carolina voters to choose which moment was his worst—and there are quite a few to choose from.

Participants can vote on Twitter through Monday at 9 AM to decide which of the following moments was Senator Burr’s worst:


When Senator Burr lied that he has never voted to raise his own pay, even though he did so seven times.

When Senator Burr tried to explain that a bill to ban insider trading by Members of Congress wasn’t necessary. 

When Senator Burr dismissed the economic impact of the discriminatory HB2 law, which has cost the state an estimated $395 million.

When Senator Burr told voters he spoke out “quickly and loudly” against Donald Trump’s violent comments – but really he said he’d wait to see Trump’s “level of contrition” – and then continued serving on his campaign even though Trump failed the contrition standard by any measure.





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Matt Kravitz

Press Secretary

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