GOP Senator on Missed Armed Services Committee Hearings: “A Sense of Entitlement and Arrogance”



Thursday, October 27, 2016

CONTACT: Matt Kravitz


GOP Senator on Missed Armed Services Committee Hearings: “A Sense of Entitlement and Arrogance”


Senator Burr Absent from Nearly 70 Percent of Armed Services Committee Hearings


Yesterday Raleigh N&O, Huffington Post Detail Senator Burr Skipped Hearings Same Day, Time He Held Fundraisers


RALEIGH, NC – Republican Senator Tom Cotton blasted a U.S. Senate candidate for missing Armed Services Committee hearings, calling the record “a sense of entitlement and arrogance.” The comment wasn’t directed at Senator Richard Burr, but his absence from nearly 70 percent of his Armed Services Committee hearings certainly qualify him for the strong rebuke.


“Even Senator Burr’s allies know his absences are inexcusable – especially given that he made a choice to miss doing the work he was elected to do and instead raise campaign cash from lobbyists,” said Matt Kravitz, Press Secretary for the North Carolina Democratic Party. “We wonder what Senator Burr would say to criticism from his own party, especially from a fellow national security advisor to Donald Trump, but first want him to answer for where he was the other 57 times he missed a hearing he should have attended. It’s time for him to release his schedule.”


Two new reports yesterday confirmed that while Senator Burr missed his hearings, he did have time to hold fundraisers and – in at least one instance – scheduled a fundraiser at the same time as a hearing on an issue important to North Carolina, the Joint Strike Fighter:


Raleigh News & Observer: Burr was scheduled to attend a fundraising luncheon for his re-election… at a time when the Senate Armed Services Committee was meeting on the Joint Strike Fighter program


Huffington Post: Richard Burr’s Armed Services stint shows how raising money became more important than doing the work he was elected to do


Earlier this month, a review of public records found that Senator Burr missed nearly 70 percent of Senate Armed Services Committee hearings held between 2009-2010, when he served on the committee. He skipped discussions on military suicide, emerging threats and Iran. The few times he did attend, public records indicate he barely participated and spoke only at six total hearings.




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