Down in the Polls, NCGOP Calls for HB2 Repeal to Save Vulnerable Republican




Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016


Down in the Polls, NCGOP Calls for HB2 Repeal to Save Vulnerable Republicans


RALEIGH, N.C. – The North Carolina Republican Party is funding direct mail pieces calling for a full repeal of HB2, despite Governor McCrory’s defense of the law.


Just yesterday, Governor McCrory said in an interview that he will never repeal HB2, despite it costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Apparently his party doesn’t agree.


In a mail piece paid for by the Republican Party and authorized by Rep. Chris Malone, Malone calls for a full-repeal of HB2, citing the enormous damage caused by the law.


The mailer reads:


“HB2 is costing Wake County and North Carolina too much. I call for a full repeal of HB2 now. I also support adding anti-discrimination language to state law. I call on law enforcement to enforce existing laws banning inappropriate behavior in public facilities. Let’s repeal HB2 and move on to issues that matter to our community and state.”


While the mail piece is authorized by Malone’s campaign, it was created and sponsored by the North Carolina Republican Party.


“Chris Malone has been one of Pat McCrory and HB2’s biggest cheerleaders. It looks like his consistent support of HB2 and McCrory will likely cost him his seat in the General Assembly. In a desperate attempt to save him, the NC GOP is now admitting that HB2 is unnecessary, hurting our economy, and should be repealed. Yet Governor McCrory continues to stand by this incredibly harmful law. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party now agree: North Carolina doesn’t need Governor McCrory’s partisan social agenda. And it’s time for him – and his supporters like Chris Malone – to go,” said NCDP Spokesman Dave Miranda.



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Dave Miranda

Communications Director

North Carolina Democratic Party