BREAKING: McCrory Administration Orders Post-Election Education Cuts



Monday, Oct. 3, 2016

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BREAKING: McCrory Administration Orders Post-Election Education Cuts

RALEIGH, N.C. – If re-elected, Governor Pat McCrory intends to implement another round of budget cuts for North Carolina schools next year. In a letter to state government on August 26th, McCrory Budget Director Drew Heath directed all agencies, including the Department of Public Instruction, to prepare for a 2 percent budget cut next year.

 In the letter sent to the Department of Public Instruction, Heath orders that “agencies shall submit reduction options that equate to two percent (2%) of the agency’s 2016-17 BD 307 certified appropriation.” The letter also states that education funding will not increase.

 North Carolina currently ranks 41st in the nation in teacher pay and 44th in per-pupil spending. On the campaign trail, Governor McCrory touts teacher pay raises, promising that pay is on the rise. Throughout state government, the McCrory administration has spent taxpayer money on large posters touting “Teacher pay to $50k.” According to the McCrory budget office, though, those claims are just an election year stunt.

 “Apparently Governor McCrory’s campaign promises to raise teacher pay are just an election-year gimmick. While he promises teacher pay raises on the campaign trail, Governor McCrory’s own budget office admits he is planning more cuts to our schools after the election. North Carolina parents and teachers deserve a governor who will be honest with them and fight for better schools,” said State Senator Floyd McKissick.

 “Governor McCrory isn’t being straight with our teachers and families. You can’t promise teacher pay raises and then cut education funding. You can’t trust a politician who says one thing and does another. Our teachers need help now and we need a leader who will actually stand up for our public schools,” said Senate Democratic Whip Terry Van Duyn.

Click here to read the McCrory budget letter.


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