Leader Hall to Gov. McCrory: Explain Sweetheart Deal Letting Duke Avoid $10B Cleanup Cost



Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

CONTACT: Dave Miranda, Dave@ncdp.org

Leader Hall to Gov. McCrory: Explain Sweetheart Deal Letting Duke Avoid $10B Cleanup Cost

RALEIGH, N.C. – House Democratic Leader Larry Hall today called on Governor Pat McCrory to come clean regarding his ties to Duke Energy, and to explain why his administration is fining the company only $6 million for environmental cleanup costs estimated at $10 billion.

“The news of this sweetheart deal is just the latest in a disturbing pattern,” said Leader Hall. “When it comes to cleaning up the coal ash and protecting our drinking water, Pat McCrory puts the profits of his former employer Duke Energy ahead of the health and safety of North Carolina’s citizens every time.”

McCrory worked for Duke Energy for 29 years before becoming governor.

In 2014, a Duke Energy coal ash pond leaked millions of gallons of coal ash into the Dan River. The General Assembly created a coal ash commission to oversee the cleanup. McCrory disbanded the commission and sued to maintain control of the cleanup resolution.

McCrory also refused to support legislation prohibiting Duke from passing cleanup costs on to its customers.

Cleanup costs for Duke coal ash sites is estimated to be $10 billion. The McCrory administration originally asked Duke Energy to pay a $25 million to clean up its coal ash spill, and now Duke is being fined only $6 million.

Earlier this year, new evidence came to light that McCrory held secret meetings with Duke Energy officials, and that he and his staff pressured state scientists to withdraw do-not-drink orders near Duke coal ash ponds, even though the scientists said the water was toxic and could cause cancer.

“Time and time again, we’ve seen the McCrory administration go easy on Duke Energy and refuse to require a full cleanup of our environment and our drinking water,” added Hall. “Today, I’m calling on Governor McCrory to hold a public town hall forum with me in order to go through these issues one by one. The governor needs to explain how and why decisions are being made and by whom, and we need to restore public confidence in state government.”


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