McCrory Campaign Repeatedly Bills Taxpayers




Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

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McCrory Campaign Repeatedly Bills Taxpayers

Following reports of taxpayer-funded propaganda posters, McCrory campaign caught running ads featuring $1.5 million licensed state logo


RALEIGH, N.C. – Lagging in fundraising and in the polls, the McCrory campaign has continued to blur ethics lines in an attempt to stick taxpayers with their campaign bill. Most recently, the McCrory administration paid for propaganda posters featuring the governor and misleading claims of a teacher raise to be hung in state government buildings.

Now it appears that the McCrory campaign is running online ads employing their campaign logo alongside the state’s official “Nothing Compares” logo – which was developed at taxpayer expense and cost $1.5 million. This represents the latest instance of Governor McCrory attempting to use taxpayer resources to prop up his flailing and cash-strapped re-election campaign.

“Governor McCrory charged taxpayers $1.5 million to develop a new state logo and countless thousands more to advertise that logo across North Carolina. Now he wants to use the state’s brand to advertise his campaign? I don’t think so. North Carolina taxpayers have no interest in tying our state’s good name to Governor McCrory’s toxic reputation. The governor is literally using taxpayer resources to fund his campaign. That’s illegal and he should be held accountable,” said NCDP spokesman Dave Miranda.

On July 20th, the McCrory campaign touted a series of online ads featuring both their campaign logo alongside state government’s “NC” logo. The campaign also used the logo in a petition on August 22nd.

The “Nothing Compares” logo and campaign was budgeted at $1.5 million of taxpayer funds and the logo is a licensed service mark with the Secretary of State’s office.











This is not the first time Governor McCrory has been caught inappropriately doing political work on the taxpayer dime.

Taxpayer-funded flights:

Multiple outlets reported on Governor McCrory’s taxpayer-funded flights for campaign purposes.

Campaign work on taxpayer dime:

In April, the McCrory campaign and all state government departments distributed the same demonstrably false memo misleading on the facts of HB2:

Governor’s office ‘Myths vs Facts’ memo

McCrory campaign ‘Myths vs Facts’ memo

In July, the governor’s office was caught plagiarizing McCrory campaign documents for official use:

Learn more here

Taxpayers fund McCrory social media:

Finally, last year, the Governor was caught using taxpayer resources to build his campaign’s social media presence.



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