More GOP plagiarism: Governor’s office cribs McCrory campaign


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July 19, 2016

Contact: Dave Miranda;


More GOP plagiarism: Governor’s office cribs McCrory campaign

Raleigh, NC – Melania Trump made news last night when it became clear that large chunks of her speech at the Republican National Convention were lifted directly from First Lady Michele Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention. Turns out, Governor Pat McCrory’s office has a similar habit of plagiarizing work…from the McCrory re-election campaign.

“It appears Governor McCrory has followed the Trumps’ lead and embraced cut-and-paste politics, distributing campaign-materials from his official office. Just because North Carolina donors are jumping ship on Governor McCrory doesn’t mean taxpayers should have to pick up his campaign bill,” said NCDP Spokesman Dave Miranda.

This week, Governor McCrory’s taxpayer-funded office published a release that was startlingly similar to one distributed by his campaign, just with a new headline and with bullets re-arranged:

McCrory Campaign Release: “Despite the Rhetoric, NC is on a Comeback” July 15, 2016

NC Governor’s Office Release: “NC Revenues Up, Economy Continues to Grow” July 18, 2016



This is not the first time the McCrory administration has been caught blurring the lines between campaign and official staff. In March, the McCrory Administration and McCrory Campaign released a controversial and demonstrably false memo misleading on the facts of HB 2.


“Myths vs Facts” memo, Office of the Governor March

“Myths vs Facts” memo, McCrory Campaign

And last year, the McCrory Campaign was caught using taxpayer dollars to build their social media presence before transferring those resources back to the campaign.