North Carolina Voters Weigh In On Burr’s Record — and They Don’t Like It


Friday, July 15, 2016
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North Carolina Voters Weigh In On Burr’s Record — and They Don’t Like It

RALEIGH, N.C. – Voters across North Carolina see Senator Richard Burr as someone who puts big money and special interests before the working people who elected him — and they are letting their dissatisfaction be known. In multiple Letters to the Editor, they point out his actions to dismantle Medicare and Social Security, ship jobs overseas, and allow terrorists to continue purchasing guns and explosives.

“Richard Burr will do whatever it takes to benefit his special interest buddies and himself – no matter the consequences for North Carolina’s workers, seniors, and everyday people. With a record like Burr’s, it’s no wonder so many voters are ready for change,” said Matt Kravitz, Press Secretary for the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Here are a few of the Letters to the Editor:

Burr cares more for the insurance lobby than seniors
Elizabeth City Daily Advance
July 13th

I am extraordinarily disappointed that U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., continues to put the insurance lobby before ordinary Americans. Burr claims that he cares about America’s seniors, but his Medicare plan would leave millions of us behind by reducing our coverage, increasing our costs, and raising the eligibility age for Medicare for younger people ages 65 to 67! Meanwhile, since he’s been in Congress, Burr’s campaigns have received more than $1 million from insurance companies.

When it comes to Social Security, Senator Burr’s policies aren’t any better. Not only has he voted to cut Social Security benefits, but he also voted against protecting Social Security from privatization and even greater cuts.

I believe that Senator Burr has his priorities all wrong. We seniors deserve our hard-earned benefits, and we deserve a representative in Washington who will fight for our interests, not the interests of lobbyists and corporations.

Judy Lotas

Burr’s Medicare plan would harm seniors
Greensboro News and Record
July 11th

Sen. Richard Burr has a plan for our seniors. Instead of seniors receiving reliable, affordable and comprehensive Medicare coverage, they would receive a voucher to fend for themselves among private insurance companies. These insurance companies would cherry-pick the healthiest among that group, which would drive up premiums for everyone else. Seniors’ premiums, co-pays and prescription drug costs would also go up.

What makes this scheme even more rotten is that the insurance industry, which would make a fortune off a vulnerable population, has given more than $1 million to Burr’s campaigns. Want to clean up the swamp in Washington? Kicking Richard Burr out of office would go a long way.

Nathan Arrington

Ross will look out for the everyday people
Greensboro News and Record
July 5th

I work for Thomas Built Buses, a High Point business, so I know the importance of growing the local economy throughout North Carolina. But while our company has been expanding — in fact, we are adding 250 additional jobs this year — other local small businesses are not performing as well. This is mostly thanks to bad trade deals made in Washington that ship our jobs overseas.

We elect our senators to go to Washington to work for us, but it seems that our senior senator, Richard Burr, only works for himself and special interests. Burr has consistently voted for free-trade agreements and most recently repeatedly supported a “fast track” of the terrible TPP deal that would put the nail in the coffin for struggling North Carolina local business. At the same time, he voted to give huge tax cuts to millionaires and tax breaks to corporations that ship our jobs away.

This November, I will vote for someone who will go to Washington and look out for everyday folks, not just the millionaires. I will vote for someone who creates jobs and invests in training people for jobs of the future. I will vote for someone who opposes the TPP because it is bad policy and bad for North Carolina. This November, I will vote for Deborah Ross.

John Crawford

Burr voted against national security
Asheville Citizen Times
June 29th

Like many in Western North Carolina, I am a proud and responsible gun owner. What is irresponsible is to allow known and suspected terrorists to buy guns and explosives. Yet, on Monday, our senior U.S. senator, Richard Burr, voted to continue letting known and suspected terrorists buy guns and explosives. Burr’s vote went against the national security of our country, the safety of all North Carolinians, and the overwhelming opinion of the American public on this subject. His vote doesn’t make sense and it makes us less safe. Here’s the bottom line: Burr voted against the will of the people who elected them, and we will return the favor on Election Day.

Stephen Wall

Time to show Burr and Tillis the door
Asheville Citizen-Times
June 24

Now that Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis have officially come out as pro-terrorist by refusing to make it more difficult for terrorists to buy automatic weapons, it is time to show them the door.

Burr and Tillis’s official reaction to events in Orlando, Sandy Hook and a dozen other places seems to be, “Ho hum, never mind.”

Roll on November.

John Mycroft

Low-sinking Burr
News and Observer
June 16th

I note that in the June 15 article “Burr: Trump calling for ‘pause,’ not ‘ban,’ on Muslim immigration” our own Sen. Richard Burr has lowered himself to kiss Donald Trump’s ring – and in so doing is in support of Trump’s immigration policies that not only single out Muslims, but place this entire group of people on a “ban” or “temporary pause” list that harkens back to America’s quarantine of Japanese-American during World War II.

This from the senator who is the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman. Burr’s approval of Trump’s discriminatory policy is all the more reason for residents of North Carolina to end his less than luminary run on Capitol Hill. We here in North Carolina should expect more in leadership from our representatives than a tacit nod to bigotry.



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