McCrory takes to Twitter to attack Lovato, Jonas, AIA


McCrory takes to Twitter to attack Lovato, Jonas, AIA

It seems weeks of consistent, widespread criticism, thousands of lost jobs, tens of millions of lost dollars and last week’s poll results showing him losing the Governor’s race by the widest margin yet have finally gotten to Gov. Pat McCrory. McCrory today went on a Kanye West-style Twitter rant against performance artists Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, and the American Institute of Architects.

In a series of tweets this afternoon, McCrory lashed out at Lovato, Jonas and the AIA over their criticism of his job-killing discrimination law, HB2. Among other attacks, McCrory tweeted, “.@ddlovato @nickjonas getting involved in things they clearly don’t know anything about,” bringing the discourse in the North Carolina Governor’s race down to the level of a junior high school name-calling match.

“McCrory’s mad,” said North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda. “He’s mad he made a bad decision to sign a job-killing, discriminatory law. McCrory’s mad he’s cost North Carolina thousands of jobs and tens of millions of dollars — and counting. And he’s mad he’s going to have to start looking for a new job on November 9th.”
Please see below for screenshots of McCrory’s Twitter rant this afternoon.