Who Me? McCrory hedges as newest middle class tax increases kick in


Tuesday March 1, 2016

Contact:  Ford Porter



Who Me? McCrory hedges as newest middle class tax increases kick in


Raleigh, NC – Today, families and small businesses across the state will begin paying new taxes signed into law by Governor McCrory last year. The taxes will apply to a wide array of basic maintenance repair services required in day to day life, including auto repair, home computer maintenance and dozens of other items.

“Once again, life gets harder for small businesses and middle class families under Governor McCrory. Last year, Governor McCrory chose to personally sign these tax increases into law. Now the governor wants to run from his record, but as his own spokesman says, ‘the whole point is that he signs the budget.’ North Carolina deserves better.” said NCDP Chair Patsy Keever.


The McCrory two-step:


“The governor has said he opposed the tax change but signed the state budget that included it.”(N&O 2/27/16)
“It’s in the budget the governor signed,” [McCrory Press Secretary Graham]Wilson said. The whole point is that he signs the budget.” (N&O 2/24/16)


Services taxed:

  • Automotive fluid exchanges, including oil, engine coolant/antifreeze, refrigerant, brake, power steering, windshield washer, transmission, differential.


  • Automotive fuel system repairs including cleaning or inspecting fuel injectors, visual inspection of fuel lines, adjust throttle, fuel treatment.


  • Automotive electrical repairs including battery tests, charge, or jump services; applying protective coat to battery terminals; visually inspecting wiring and wiring components; testing fuse; cleaning battery terminals or receptacles.


  • Automotive tire maintenance and repairs including rotations, mount, balance, alignment, patch or plug; measure and adjust pressure.


  • Automotive suspension maintenance and repairs including steering and suspension inspection; grease joints or bearings; pack bearings.


  • Automotive inspections including preventative maintenance, multi-points, brake system, visual (belts, hoses, wiring, brakes, engine components, air conditioning components, lines, windshield wipers, etc.)


  • Automotive adjustments or calibrations including belt tension, speedometer, tachometer, throttle, and set or adjust spark plug gap.


  • Automotive maintenance including exterior washing, wax, or detail services; paint; removing scratches, dents, or dings; applying protective coating (spray on bed liners, clear cots, waxes, moisture/rain protection), window tinting.


  • Automotive maintenance including interior reupholstering, cleaning (upholstery, carpet, windows), and applying protective coatings.


  • Automotive repairs including troubleshooting a fluid leak or attempting to “diagnose an unusual noise coming from a motor vehicle, whether or not the source of the leak or noise is found or remedied.”


  • Automotive restoration of headlights, moldings, trims, etc.


  • Automotive roadside service fees “where the intent of the service call is to troubleshoot.”


  • Performing a service or tune-up of a motor vehicle, lawnmower, trimmer, edger, leaf blower, pressure washer, generator, chainsaw, tiller, auger, “or other similar small engine;” boat; aircraft; ATV or dirt bike; moped; golf cart; or bicycle


  • Calibrating watches, scales, guns or scopes


  • Calibrating medical equipment including Lasik surgery equipment, thermometers


  • Calibrating instruments “musical or otherwise;”


  • Camera repairs


  • Cleaning jewelry, copy machines, printers, “or other tangible property” including motor vehicles.


  • Removing dents, dings, and scratches from “tangible personal property” including motor vehicles.


  • Restoring or reupholstering furniture.


  • Patching or mending clothes, tires, or any type of inflatable.


  • Sharpening blades


  • Polishing shoes, jewelry, or silver.


  • Troubleshooting fluid leaks or attempting to identify an unusual noise coming from “other tangible personal property, whether or not the source of the leak or noise is located, determined, or resolved.”


  • Troubleshooting prewritten computer software “to determine how to restore to proper working order.”


  • Reupholstering boats


  • Re-string or re-grip tennis rackets, golf clubs, or musical instruments.


  • Tune pianos or other musical instruments


  • Repairing laptops, cell phones, removing viruses/malware, conducting diagnostic tests, or adjusting computer settings.


  • “Tangible personal property may include: clothing alterations; painting tangible personal property; embroidery; screen-printing; window tinting for motor vehicles.”