Trump campaigns in NC: 3 questions for Governor McCrory


Monday March 7, 2016

Contact:  Ford Porter


Trump campaigns in NC: 3 questions for Governor McCrory


Raleigh, NC – The circus is coming to town today as front-runner Donald Trump brings his presidential campaign to Concord. In short: NC GOP leaders are beginning to panic.

In Sunday’s Charlotte Observer, senior North Carolina Republican leaders and national pundits expressed alarm.

  • Former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot said he’s “scared to death….I’m worried about a disaster that takes down senators and everybody else.”
  • Former Governor Jim Martin added concern that Trump is “turning off a lot of people. If he can’t figure out a way to be more charming and tolerant, it poses great risk of taking down the whole (GOP) slate.”
  • And pundit Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report speculated that a Trump candidacy is especially troubling for Governor McCrory, who is already assumed to be the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent. “If Trump hurts a little bit, that hurts McCrory a lot,” said Duffy, who specializes in analyzing races for governor and U.S. Senate. “How much can (Trump) lose (North Carolina) by and a down-ballot person still survive? Even two points can be a problem.”

Compounding the Trump problem is Republican hesitation to actually distance themselves from the controversial billionaire. In recent days, Governor McCrory has insisted that he would support Trump if he’s the Republican nominee, a sentiment shared by Senator Richard Burr.

  • Does Governor McCrory agree with former Governor Jim Martin that Donald Trump risks turning off GOP voters and leading to Republican defeats down the ballot?
  • Does Governor McCrory support Donald Trump’s trade policies? Does he agree with Trump’s criticism of America’s trade deals?
  •       Has Governor McCrory participated in any of the RGA’s emergency meetings regarding Donald Trump’s potential to cause Republican defeats at the ballot box?


“Governor McCrory wants to have it both ways, pledging to back Donald Trump while claiming not to be involved. These are simple questions. Either Pat McCrory thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president or he is okay with Donald Trump being the face of the Republican Party. Either way, North Carolinians deserve to know exactly where the governor stands,” said NCDP spokesman Ford Porter.