McCrory to back Trump as nominee


Wednesday March 2, 2016

Contact:  Ford Porter


McCrory to back Trump as nominee

Raleigh, NC – As Donald Trump continues to solidify his stranglehold on the Republican nomination for President, Republicans across the nation are split on whether to voice opposition or tether their fortunes to the controversial billionaire and reality TV star. Put North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory in the latter category.

Yesterday, as Trump won seven additional Super Tuesday state primaries, McCrory Spokesman Ricky Diaz confirmed, “the governor will support the party’s nominee.”

“Evidently, Chris Christie looked so sad standing all by himself behind Donald Trump last night that Governor McCrory felt compelled to assure him he won’t be alone. Donald Trump would be a disaster as president and North Carolinians should be embarrassed that Governor McCrory would even consider helping him get there. We need to bring some sanity back to Raleigh,” said NCDP Chair Patsy Keever.

“Governor McCrory can’t back Donald Trump and then run from his positions on issues. If Pat McCrory thinks Trump is fit to be president, he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do to North Carolina families.”


The admission follows months of hedging and handwringing by McCrory, who is already the nation’s most vulnerable governor.

On Monday, Politico reported that Republican governors convened for an emergency conference call to discuss how to deal with a Trump nomination.

Two weeks ago, Governor McCrory attended a lecture given by Republican strategist Karl Rove in which Rove warned that a Trump nomination could be devastating to other Republicans on the ballot in November.

In December, conservative celebrity Ann Coulter speculated that Governor McCrory would make an excellent running mate for Trump. A McCrory spokesman deflected, saying that the governor was “flattered,” but refused to rule out the scenario.

The McCrory campaign has actively sought to align the governor with prominent Trump supporters. In December (12/8/15), the McCrory campaign tweeted pictures of the governor with Franklin Graham the same week that the evangelist publicly defended Trump’s call for a national ban on Muslims entering the United States.