Governor Forest?


Tuesday March 22, 2016

Contact:  Kimberly Reynolds


Governor Forest?

Governor McCrory loses control of own party as Lieutenant Governor calls special session


Raleigh, NC – Yesterday, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest joined Speaker Tim Moore to call a special legislative session in an effort to abolish municipal equal rights protections. The move is highly unusual, if not unprecedented, as Forest usurped Governor McCrory, who apparently lost control of the Republican legislature. Now, taxpayers will have to pay $48,000 a day to pay legislators not to focus on jobs, education, or middle class families.

“Has Governor McCrory lost complete control? It’s no wonder he is the most vulnerable governor in the country. While the NCGOP is unraveling, the state legislature is taking control and imposing their own agenda. Make no mistake, Pat McCrory is completely happy to join his Republican colleagues shouting demonizing rhetoric on the campaign trail, but here in Raleigh he has completely abdicated his position to his Lt. Governor. Now North Carolina will again face embarrassing national headlines that will turn off businesses looking to move here. If Governor McCrory isn’t up to the job of being governor, we’ve got a better alternative than Dan Forest,” said NCDP Chairwoman Patsy Keever.

While Governor McCrory spent the afternoon tweeting pictures of himself with Miss North Caroliona, Lt. Governor Dan Forest joined Speaker Moore in calling the legislature back into session.

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This is not the first time Governor McCrory’s Republican colleagues have questioned his leadership. In July, 2015, Senate Rules Chair Tom Apodaca said:

“The Governor doesn’t play much of a role in anything” – Sen. Tom Apodaca


Senior House Republican, Chuck McGrady added:

This is ridiculous. The governor complained to us about taking a vacation, like we were going to accomplish a lot more (in Raleigh) while he’s off galavanting around the state cutting ribbons,” – Rep. Chuck McGrady