Chaos in the GOP


Thursday March 10, 2016

Contact:  Ford Porter


Chaos in the GOP

As primary nears, GOP establishment silences party chair, rallies erupt in violence, McCrory bows to Trump

Raleigh, NC – With less than a week until Primary Day, the North Carolina Republican Party has erupted in chaos – a bad omen for the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent, Governor Pat McCrory.

“The North Carolina Republican Party has simply fractured and taken their eye off the ball. Instead of focusing on issues that matter to voters, the GOP is consumed by infighting and embarrassing our state. Instead of standing up for North Carolina, Pat McCrory has shown his true colors and pledged to fall in line behind Trump. These are not the priorities we need in Raleigh – and that’s why so many North Carolinians are looking for a change,” said NCDP spokesman Ford Porter.


NC Republican Party shuts off its chairman’s email account, N&O 3/9/16

N.C. Republican Party Chairman Hasan Harnett’s party email account was shut off this week, and he blamed Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse in a racially tinged episode that highlights strife between the two leaders days before the state’s primary.”


NC GOP flap exposes divisions in party, Charlotte Observer, 3/9/16

“Jack Brosch, a grass-roots activist from Mecklenburg County who ran for state chair in 2013, said “there’s definitely a schism in the party.”

“It’s not hard for me to draw a pretty straight line from Dallas Woodhouse to Marco Rubio and John Kasich and from Hasan Harnett to Ted Cruz and Trump,” he said.”


Trump protester sucker-punched at North Carolina rally, videos show, Washington Post 3/10/16

“Multiple videos show a protester at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina being sucker-punched by a Trump supporter.”


McCrory to back Trump if the nominee, TWC News 3/2/16

Boyum: Are you going to support the Republican nominee regardless of who it is?

McCrory: Yes, I will support the Republican nominee but I’m staying out of the presidential race.

Boyum: Even if it’s Donald Trump, you will support the Republican nominee?

McCrory: I will support the Republican nominee.


McCrory continues to trail in campaign funds, N&O 3/8/16

“Gov. Pat McCrory’s re-election campaign fell further behind presumed Democratic challenger Roy Cooper’s in fundraising so far this year.”