‘The whole point is that he signs the budget’ – What else is McCrory responsible for?



Wednesday February 24, 2016

Contact:  Ford Porter



‘The whole point is that he signs the budget’ – What else is McCrory responsible for?


Raleigh, NC – In a remarkable admission today, Governor McCrory’s Press Secretary Graham Wilson argued that the governor deserves credit for every aspect of laws he signs – a massive departure from the governor’s strategy for three years to distance himself from broken promises, tax increases, and other unpopular bills he’s supported.

In today’s case, Governor McCrory is seeking credit for a downtown revitalization grant program pushed by House Speaker Tim Moore.

“It’s in the budget the governor signed,” Wilson said. “The whole point is that he signs the budget.”

“Since Governor McCrory has been in office, his signature has slashed education, raised taxes for middle class families, increased medical costs for seniors, and limited access to women’s healthcare. For three years, the governor has blamed others and run from a record that has made him the most vulnerable incumbent in America. Governor McCrory’s staff just admitted what middle class families already know: if you sign a bill, you own all of it, not just the parts that poll well,” said NCDP spokesman Ford Porter.

Cherry-picking: Governor McCrory has a habit of blaming others and running away from bills he’s signed. Here are just a few:


McCrory criticized tax increases that he signed:

McCrory Signed Budget That Levies New Taxes On “All Repair, Maintenance And Installation Service Providers When The Item Involved Is Subject To Sales Tax.”  “The legislation says taxes should be collected by all repair, maintenance and installation service providers when the item involved is subject to sales tax. So while it’s clear that a mechanic installing a new transmission would charge sales tax on his labor fees, it’s less clear whether the tax would apply to a plumber hired to unclog a drain.” [News & Observer,9/19/15]

Before Signing The 2015 Budget, McCrory Complained About Expanded Sales Taxes On Services And Earmarks For Rural Counties. “McCrory had complained last weekend about portions of the tax package that expanded items subject to sales taxes to cover more services and earmarked more of the proceeds to about 80 more small and rural counties.” [WTVD, 9/18/15]

 McCrory Said He Wasn’t Happy With The Sales Tax Change, Which He Called “A Tax Increase.” “McCrory told The Associated Press on Saturday he wasn’t happy with the sales tax change, calling it a tax increase. He also previously threatened to veto legislation with local sales tax redistributions inside.” [WSOC, 9/14/15]


McCrory eliminated Medical Expense Deductions for seniors…before seeking credit for giving them back.

McCrory In “Keep Pounding!” Ad: “We’ve Helped Seniors With Medical Bills.” [Keep Pounding!, McCrory Committee, 2/5/16]

News & Observer Editorial: “Many Retired People Are Discovering That The Tax Cuts Are A Tax Hike. The Changes Reduced Exemptions For Pensions And Eliminated The Deduction For Medical Expenses.” The News & Observer editorial board wrote, “The new changes involve tax cuts that favor high earners and corporations. North Carolina’s economy is recovering along with the nation’s economy, but there’s no sign of corporations racing to relocate to North Carolina or wealthy ‘job creators’ creating jobs. Meanwhile, tax revenues are running below projections, and many retired people are discovering that the tax cuts are a tax hike. The changes reduced exemptions for pensions and eliminated the deduction for medical expenses. As they do their taxes, seniors are howling when they reach the bottom line.” [Editorial, News & Observer, 3/12/15]

Republican Tax Reform Eliminated Medical Expense Deduction, Meaning A Tax Increase For Those With Significant Medical Expenses. “A casualty of last year’s massive tax reform law, the medical expense portion of the federal itemized deductions is no longer carried over to the North Carolina form […] According to the General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division, ‘taxpayers with significant medical expenses will see an increase in their North Carolina tax liability.’ Those words came in a note to Catlin when he inquired about Lowers’ situation. The research division said it had run a number of scenarios showing that senior citizens who spend the majority of their income on nursing home care or with other large medical expenses are likely to see their state tax bills go up.” [Star-News, 5/20/14]

  • Republican-Led General Assembly Removed The ‘Medical Expense’ Deduction. “‘If you had significant medical expenses in 2014, you are going to pay a much higher state of North Carolina personal income tax than you would have paid on the same situation in 2013,’ Chatham said. A retired Presbyterian minister, Chatham is not enamored with the Republican-led General Assembly that restructured the state’s tax system, which included removal of the ‘medical expense’ deduction from the 2014 tax return. For Chatham and his wife, their taxes will be $774 higher this year than last year because of the change.” [Asheville Citizen-Times, 2/14/15]


McCrory signed new restrictions on abortion…said he stopped legislature from making it worse.

 2015: McCrory Tried To Dodge Blame For Further Restrictions On Abortion He Signed In 2015: “There Were Things Added To The Bill That I Thought Did Restrict Further Access […] And I Worked Hard To Remove Those Parts Of The Bill.” “‘The fact of the matter is, due to my work and others’ work, we did not add further restrictions to access’ to abortions, McCrory said at a press conference. He said he had worked with legislators to keep the bill from being more onerous for women who want to have an abortion and that the start of the three-day period can be triggered with a simple telephone call to an abortion provider. As the bill moved through the General Assembly, ‘On two or three occasions there were things added to the bill that I thought did restrict further access, in fact I think could have been legally challenged, and I worked hard to remove those parts of the bill,’ he said. The bill cleared the legislatureWednesday.” [Asheville Citizen-Times, 6/4/15]

  • McCrory: “The Fact Of The Matter Is, Due To My Work And Others’ Work, We Did Not Add Further Restrictions To Access.”“‘The fact of the matter is, due to my work and others’ work, we did not add further restrictions to access,’ he added. McCrory was referring to a provision dropped before the bill made it through the Senate that would have prevented anyone other than a board-certified ob-gyn from performing an abortion. Fewer than two-thirds of North Carolina’s 100 counties have certified a ob-gyn.” [WRAL, 6/5/15]