The Blame Game: Pat McCrory’s Specialty



Thursday February 4, 2016

Contact:  Ford Porter

The Blame Game: Pat McCrory’s Specialty




Raleigh, NC – Under withering criticism last week, Governor Pat McCrory attempted to deflect responsibility for his plan for 50-year tolls on I-77. Unfortunately for the governor, nobody was fooled, with GOP Rep. Charles Jeter even accusing the McCrory administration of “playing the blame game.”

A quick walk through the headlines proves the ‘Blame Game’ has become something of a special pastime for Governor McCrory.

“The motto at the McCrory Administration seems to be, “The buck stops anywhere but here!” Governor McCrory’s habit of doing anything to avoid accountability for his record is the worst of ‘politics as usual’ and a big part of the reason NC families are ready for a change” said NCDP spokesman Ford Porter.

Passing the Blame (a quick history of things that definitely weren’t Governor McCrory’s fault…according to him):


Pay to Play Investigations:

“McCrory has blamed the media and partisan Democrats for the scandals, thought Democrats didn’t write the memos about the political contributions or issue sketchy personal services contracts. McCrory’s own people did that.” Column 11/25/15


Ethics failures:

“At least three times now, [McCrory Counsel] Stephens has taken the blame for ethical issues in the governor’s office.” Charlotte Observer 7/19/15

“The governor said the omission on his financial disclosure was due to a simple error, saying that his legal counsel, Bob Stephens, misinterpreted the directions on the lengthy form…McCrory says his attorney feels ‘terrible’ about the error…” WRAL 8/14/14

“Stephens said he misunderstood the form, which asks if the official accepted a ‘scholarship’ worth more than $200 to attend an out-of-state meeting. Stephens said he interpreted ‘scholarship’ not to include travel expenses…McCrory and Stephens need to do less interpreting and put the ethics commission on speed dial.” Charlotte Observer 3/10/15


Losing auto Manufacturers:

Headline: “McCrory’s commerce secretary blames legislature for losing Volvo bid to SC” Raleigh News & Observer 5/11/15


Just about anything at DHHS…:

Headline: “McCrory shifts blame on Medicaid card mix-up from DHHS leaders” WRAL 1/17/14

“McCrory didn’t say where the breakdown happened, but when pressed, he fell back on a defense he’s used after many DHHS breakdowns this year –the problems started before he took office.” ABC 11 1/7/14

“So instead of a simple, unqualified “sorry” Monday, we got a rather audacious attempt at blame-shifting. And not a very good one either.”  Charlotte Observer 1/8/14

“They can’t continue to play the previous administration blame game” Political Science Professor Michael Bitzer WRAL 1/12/14

Internal emails showed damage control at McCrory’s DHHS by current campaign spokesman to attempt to shift blame to federal government for NC being the only state to shut down WIC during federal shutdown. Wilmington Star News 10/27/13