Roundup: Pat McCrory’s Abysmal Week



Friday January 29th, 2016



Roundup: Pat McCrory’s Abysmal Week


“Wow – It’s probably starting to feel like the sky is falling for Governor McCrory. Any more weeks like this and the McCrory campaign will be ringing alarm bells as hard as they can,” said NCDP spokesman Ford Porter.


Governor Booed By Panthers Fans:


McCrory Campaign Out-Raised Again:

Roy Cooper keeps fundraising lead over Pat McCrory, Charlotte Observer 1/27/16

“It will mark the second consecutive time that Cooper, the attorney general, has outraised McCory.”

 Cooper widens money lead on McCrory, AP 1/28/16

“The Cooper fundraising advantage reinforces the narrative from Democrats that McCrory is vulnerable.”

 I’ll show you mine, Politics NC 1/28/16

“Incumbent Pat McCrory released what he thought was an impressive haul of $2.6 million only to be outdone by challenger Roy Cooper.”


 More Questions In Pay-To-Play Scandal:

 Drescher: McCrory’s prison-contract meeting gets curiouser and curiouser, Raleigh News & Observer 1/29/16

“The more the McCrory administration tries to set the record straight about its meeting with Pat McCrory friend and contributor Graeme Keith, the more muddled its explanation becomes.”


Tolling Criticism Continues:

 I-77 could take a toll on Gov. Pat McCrory, Charlotte Observer 1/22/16

“’He’s in big trouble, he’s in huge trouble,’ said Bill Russell, president of the Cornerlius-based Lake Norman Chamber. ‘What you’re gonna see is either people not voting for Pat McCrory or people voting for an alternative because he has demonstrated he’s not listening’.”

 McCrory GOP opponent says he could win by being ‘the other guy’, Raleigh News & Observer 1/29/16

“Brawley is seeking to gain statewide traction with the toll issue. In an interview with Time Warner Cable News earlier this week, he made the claim that McCrory administration officials told him in 2013 that “I-77 is just the beginning of tolling every interstate corridor in North Carolina.”

 McCrory administration says Roy Cooper bears some responsibility for I-77 toll contract, Charlotte Observer 1/27/16

Rep. Charles Jeter, a Huntersville Republican who has asked McCrory to cancel the contract, said DOT “is playing the blame game.”

“It’s always easy to play armchair quarterback,” he said. “But the reality is the attorney general is tasked with reviewing the contract for consistency with state and federal laws, not necessarily the policy of the contract itself.

 Governor ‘shifting blame’ on tolls, Mooresville Tribune 1/28/16

“One of Governor McCrory’s two challengers for the Republican nomination in March says an assertion by McCrory’s administration that Democratic rival Roy Cooper is partly to blame for the I-77 toll lanes controversy is an attempt by the governor to ‘avoid responsibility.’”


Flip-Flop On CSX Jobs:

 McCrory’s hypocritical reversal, The Robesonian 1/29/16

“McCrory and the General Assembly do think they know best and don’t really care what local elected officials or community leaders think — unless, as in the case of the CSX railway hub, it’s an election year and they don’t want to upset their conservative political base.

 The hypocrisy is stunning to behold.”

 Mccrory’s reversal on CSX site is setback for NC economic development, Raleigh News & Observer 1/28/16

“In this case, McCrory and his administration appear unreliable and unprepared. And that – no matter how many business-friendly claims the governor makes – is bad for business.”


 Bad News For NC Economy:

 NC job market recovery appears to plateau at end of 2015, Winston-Salem Journal 1/26/16

“North Carolina finished 2015 with a higher overall unemployment than it began the year, another sign that the job market recovery has reached a plateau.”