McCrory collects ultrasounds; coverage/criticism heats up


Tuesday January 12, 2015

Contact:  Ford Porter

McCrory collects ultrasounds; coverage/criticism heats up


Raleigh, NC –  Since becoming law at the beginning of the year, Governor Pat McCrory’s collection of women’s ultrasounds following abortions after 16 weeks has faced national press scrutiny and intense criticism.

“Women across North Carolina and the country are asking why their ultrasounds are any of Pat McCrory’s business. No politician or bureaucrat should be able to read women’s medical records – that’s her doctor’s job. This law is creepy, invasive, and appalling proof that Pat McCrory just has the wrong priorities,” said NCDP Chair Patsy Keever.



Law on Ultrasounds Reignites Abortion Battle in North Carolina, The New York Times 1/10/16

“Aside from doctors and clinic owners, the stakes may be highest for Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican. His decision to sign the bill last year should bolster his conservative bona fides as he pursues what is expected to be a tough fight for a second term this year. But the anger among liberals is likely to be harnessed by a Democratic Party eager to unseat him…”

 North Carolina’s Abortion Law Just Got Crazier, Gawker 1/11/16

“The battle over abortion rights continues in North Carolina, where state law now requires doctors to send the ultrasounds of women seeking abortions to state officials.”

 NY Times looks at NC’s ultrasound/abortion law, Asheville Citizen-Times 1/11/15

“Fisher and Van Duyn come into the story because they wrote the state last fall asking for assurances that the ultrasounds would be protected from public release. They cited other DHHS data breaches.”

 There’s a Controversial New Abortion Requirement in North Carolina, Cosmopolitan 1/11/15

“And Gerrick Brenner, the executive director of Progress NC Action, sent out an email obtained by the Times comparing the “creepy scheme” to  “something out of George Orwell’s ‘1984.’”

 This North Carolina Ultrasound Provision Is the Latest State-Level Abortion-Access Attack, Yahoo 1/11/16

“North Carolina is one of the first states this year to make abortion access increasingly difficult for its female residents: As of Jan. 1, all abortion providers in the state are required to send the state’s Department of Health and Human Services their records for abortions or induced miscarriages performed after the 16th week of pregnancy…”

 Doctors must send ultrasound pics to NC officials under ‘creepy’ new anti-abortion law, Raw Story 1/11/16

“…critics say the law, which went into effect Jan. 1, serves no medical purpose and is instead intended “to shame women and intimidate the doctors that care for them.”

One more insane anti-choice measure becomes the law of the land, Death and Taxes 1/11/16

“Reproductive rights in North Carolina sustained yet another blow January 1 when a new law went into effect that forces doctors to turn over the ultrasounds of certain abortion patients to state officials.”

 New NC Anti-Abortion Law Demands Doctors Send Ultrasound Pics to State Officials, Alternet 1/11/16

“The legislation is the latest of several recent moves by state governor Pat McCrory that whittles away at provisions ensuring access to safe, private measures for choice.”

 North Carolina Abortion Doctors Must Send Ultrasound Pics To State Officials, The Frisky 1/11/16

“Doctors themselves will be held responsible for removing the patient’s name from the ultrasound–but even with the name removed, this feels like a huge violation of a patient’s privacy. I know I wouldn’t want such personal information being sent to a government official.”