“I-77’s just the beginning”: McCrory’s tolling plan explained



Tuesday January 26th, 2015

Contact:  Ford Porter


“I-77’s just the beginning”: McCrory’s tolling plan explained

Raleigh, NC – In an interview on Capital Tonight on Monday, former NC House Representative and Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Brawley said that the controversial tolling of I-77 around Charlotte is just the beginning of a larger plan by the McCrory administration to toll every inter-state highway in North Carolina.

Brawley cited a conversation in 2013 with former McCrory Transportation Secretary Tony Tata.

“In 2013…I sat down with the Secretary of Transportation and said ‘help me understand this.’ I was told ‘you can’t be fighting this because I-77 is just the beginning of tolling every inter-state corridor in the state of North Carolina,” said Brawley.

Governor McCrory has been under fire since agreeing to a 50-year contract with the Spanish Transportation Company Cintra to toll I-77 around Charlotte. The contract allows Cintra to set toll fees without a cap and restricts the construction of new free lanes for public use. According to Brawley, the McCrory administration has a list of highways to be tolled, including I-95.

“Governor McCrory has done everything in his power to make sure his tolls move forward on I-77. If this is really just the first part of the governor’s plan, working families and small business owners across North Carolina deserve to know if they are going to be the next to pay the McCrory tolls,” said NCDP Spokesman Ford Porter.