Trump/McCrory 2016? Coulter thinks so

Wednesday December 23, 2015
 Contact:  Ford Porter
Trump/McCrory 2016? Coulter thinks so
Raleigh, NC – After weeks of campaigning with conservative celebrities, at least one GOP pundit is pushing for Donald Trump to name Governor Pat McCrory as his running mate should he win the GOP presidential nomination.
Yesterday, controversial GOP columnist Ann Coulter speculated on twitter that McCrory would be a perfect running mate for Trump.  For McCrory, the attention appears calculated after weeks of campaigning with high-profile social conservatives, including Franklin Graham and Mike Huckabee.
Over the last month, McCrory has sought to align himself with right-wing activists and the Trump wing of the Republican Party. 
·         On December 8th, the McCrory campaign posted 5 pictures on twitter of the governor and Franklin Graham, just one day before Graham defended Donald Trump and repeated his call to bar all Muslims from entering the United States. 
·         After calls from the state’s leading law enforcement officer to close a loophole allowing suspected terrorists to purchase guns in North Carolina, McCrory’s team went on the attack while the governor refused to back the proposal.
·         After breaking a campaign pledge not to restrict abortions, McCrory went all-in and appeared with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who supports banning all abortions in the United States. 
“Governor McCrory clearly wants people to think he shares Donald Trump’s values. Does Governor McCrory support a Trump candidacy and would he consider running with him? North Carolina voters deserve a straight answer from Pat McCrory,” said NCDP spokesman Ford Porter.