Duck and cover: After signing contract on 50-year tolls, McCrory passes blame


Tuesday December 15, 2015
Contact: Ford Porter

Duck and cover: After signing contract on 50-year tolls, McCrory passes blame

Raleigh, NC – Yesterday, after months of withering criticism of his administration’s plan for 50-year tolls – already resulting in at least one primary challenge – Governor Pat McCrory sought to avoid further political ramifications yesterday by appearing to punt responsibility to local officials.

In a letter yesterday, Governor McCrory asked the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization to publicly endorse his plan for 50-year tolls along I-77 while tallying numerous dire consequences for the city and region upon potential cancellation. Moreover, the governor’s letter does not indicate that the committee has the legal ability to block the tolls and attempts to hide that fact that the McCrory administration is directly responsible for the I-77 tolling plan.

“Governor McCrory wants to have it both ways: ensuring that his carefully planned tolls go through while pretending he’s not responsible. Governor McCrory’s letter is telling: His top priority is making sure the giant Spanish company gets paid while leaving the well-being of middle class families here in North Carolina to someone else. This is just another example of Governor McCrory putting the special interests first,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds.

I-77 Tolling Plan is McCrory’s Project:

• The McCrory administration signed a 50-year contract in May with Cintra that will give the Spanish-based company full control over the new lanes, toll rates, and fee collection.
• Cintra was selected in a closed bid process handled entirely by the McCrory administration.
• Since signing the contract, Governor McCrory has refused calls from voters and lawmakers to cancel the contract and members of his administration have ordered the project to move forward without delay.

A Bad Deal for NC Families:

• Town Councils of Huntersville, Mooresville, Davidson, and Cornelius, and the Mecklenburg County Commission have voted to request tolling project be delayed or contract be canceled
• McCrory administration refused a request from GOP legislators to have state Auditor Beth Wood review contract with Cintra
• Tolling contract does not cap fees, allows Cintra to set rates
• Cintra parent company found guilty of price fixing, fined millions