Despite pay-to-play allegations, FBI investigation, and low approval, McCrory will seek re-election

Raleigh, NC – Today, Governor Pat McCrory announced his intention to seek re-election despite low approval ratings and multiple state and federal investigations into his administration for pay-to-play.


“Governor McCrory begins his re-election campaign facing at least two federal corruption investigations into his administration. Thanks to Governor McCrory, middle class families have less money in their pockets, wages have stagnated, and North Carolina’s best teachers are leaving for other states – all while giant corporations and those at the top have received record breaks. Governor McCrory has stood up for the well-connected over the middle class with such shocking consistency that the FBI is looking into it. That’s why voters are ready for a change,” said NCDP Spokesman Ford Porter


Public polling has consistently shown Governor McCrory under water with voters.  The race is expected to be among the nation’s most competitive. For the first half of 2015, the McCrory campaign was outraised by nearly $800,000. And after a year of scandal, most pundits point to McCrory as the incumbent most likely to lose re-election.