McCrory’s problem is real: Editorials statewide blast governor for pay-to-play, FBI investigation


McCrory’s problem is real, not a media hit, Fayetteville Observer 11/5/15

“That leaves it to the feds – the FBI for now and the US Attorney’s office if the FBI finds conflicts, or worse. A thorough investigation is essential. And so is full public disclosure of what it finds. This is no spinning matter.”

McCrory’s latest ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse on ethics, Charlotte Observer11/5/15

“If that explanation has a familiar dog-ate-my-homework ring to it, that’s because we’re getting used to hearing excuses for ethical lapses from this administration. Either McCrory doesn’t know an ethical miscue when he sees one, or he knows and doesn’t care.”

 NC Contract case shows flaw in moving SBI to executive branch, N&O 11/3/15

“Questions are being raised about Gov. Pat McCrory’s role in extending prison maintenance contracts for his friend and contributor, Graeme Keith Sr. Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry objected to the extensions, saying the private contracts at three prisons did not save money and posed a security risk. He ultimately approved the extensions in compliance with a “marching order” from the governor’s office.”

McCrory should face prison contract issue, N &O 11/2/15

“Damning assessments that the contract extensions worth $3 million appeared to be payback were contained in a texts and a memo written by the governor’s appointee, Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry, and by members of the DPS staff.:

Just not believable, PoliticsNC  11/3/15

“Pat McCrory has long had a problem with the truth. He’s shown over and over again that he will say virtually anything to make himself sound good or to please his audience. So when McCrory says he didn’t hear a big donor complain that he wasn’t getting an adequate return on his campaign contributions, he’s just not believable.”

The big kerfuffle, Talking about Politics 11/5/15

Just hearing the four words Grand Jury and FBI Investigation is enough to make a politician’s blood run cold and the Governor’s got both on his hands”

The Soiling of the Governor 2015, Talking about Politics 11/3/15

The amateurishness of Governor McCrory’s office is chronic and sometimes comic, but now it has veered dangerously close to serious trouble.

McCrory aides confirm donor’s demand, syndicated 11/4/15

“One of the most striking things about the latest scandal involving Governor Pat McCrory and his administration uncovered by the Raleigh News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer is that it has no partisan overtones at all.”

McCrory, GOP declare war on Raleigh and Charlotte newspapers, Richmond Daily Journal 11/2/15

“Our governor is using his bully pulpit to beat up newspapers for doing their job — seeking and reporting the truth. It’s time for McCrory to trade his shoot-the-messenger mentality for the maturity of a true statesman.